How Covid-19 is affecting the global fitness industry

The normal life of a person is now unsettling, many people have lost their jobs and businesses due to the financial crisis.

Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the whole country functioning, nothing is the same as before. The normal life of a person is now unsettling, many people have lost their jobs and businesses due to the financial crisis. Amid the uncertainty, the outbreak of Covid-19 has rippled all the sectors globally and one of them is the fitness industry. The fitness industry has impacted the most and that’s why they started a rally and mobilize saying “Save Gyms” to handle the existential crises. Gyms and fitness centers are temporarily closed for five months as declared by the government for all the non- essential businesses till the situation is under controlled and it is suggested to maintain social distancing in all regions. Being at home in the quarantine, the central factor for people is to be healthy and boost their immune system. Also, the fitness industry is making sure that the public is connected to their fitness gyms by engaging them in online workout classes.   

Fitness Industries have been hit hard by the lockdown in many countries like US, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Milan, Dubai, China and India. To prevent the spread of the virus the gyms and fitness centers are shut since March 2020 in India. The situation has led the gym owners to shut their gym centers which are the only livelihood that was available for them. Along with this, the dietary supplement industry is also crumbling, the demand for gym products has gone low and people are only thinking of essential needs right now. The staff at offices and gyms have been laid off temporarily until the situation is under control. Looking at the situation there can be a time where 85 percent of the gyms globally will be closed permanently due to the huge losses that have been faced by the industry. Now the owners and public is demanding the government for reopening of the gyms with new guidelines and precautions.

Dr. Anuj Choudhary, Founder of Animal Booster Nutrition said, “There are unprecedented restrictions everywhere around us, the gyms and yoga centers are closed to prevent the spread of the virus. From big to small, neighborhood gyms to branded gyms like Cultfit and Gold gyms all are suffering, as a result, many gyms have been shut permanently due to the financial losses the owners are going through. Being a Fitness Coach, I can understand what is going through the people who are into this business. The fitness industry is going through a very tough time. It looked like the gyms will be closed only for a week but then the whole 5 months have been passed and no action was taken nor any announcement has been made by the central government but preventing the whole business from drying many gyms have started an online fitness training sessions for members on Zoom and Skype where they can start from easy to moderate and then core exercising. There’s no new enrollment in the gyms and the existing are leaving. Let us hope the government waves a green flag on starting our operations soon.”

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