How Can Manufacturing & Construction Firms Maintain Air Pollution Levels At Their Workplaces?

By understanding the responsibilities towards the environment and the society, construction and manufacturing firms can limit the amount of pollution it collectively creates.

Over the past decade, air pollution levels have soared to hazardous levels. It is an issue that the manufacturing and construction industry cannot overlook. The release of harmful contaminants in our environment is adversely impacting human lives and this needs to be addressed immediately.

According to Statista, discharging carbon monoxide (CO) amounted to around 1.2 billion metric tons worldwide in the year 2015. A decline in the majority of the pollutants will be witnessed by the year 2050. However, In India, the Construction industry generates about 10-12 million tons of waste annually. Construction and demolition operations result in windblown dust problems.

In our country, PM 2.5 & PM 10 is the biggest source of indoor and outdoor pollution. The major sources of PM 2.5 on construction sites are diesel generators, vehicles, and heavy equipment. Another source of pollution are noxious vapors from oils, glues, thinners, paints, treated woods, plastics, cleaners and other hazardous chemicals used on construction sites, which further affect AQI negatively.

Ways to Control Air Pollution in Construction & Manufacturing

C&D Waste Reduction

The waste includes building materials, debris and rubble which can be seen on construction sites. Never burn waste material, as it will cause smoke, release poisonous gases into the atmosphere. This process results in wastage, but choosing technologies, increasing the efficiency of operation, optimizing supplies and materials of construction are few methods that would help in reducing the waste and bring down air pollution significantly.

Using Liquid-based Anti-pollution Products

To tackle the dust particles released by cement or sand, liquid-based anti-pollution products can be used as a solution. On construction sites, builders can go for an outdoor anti-pollution liquid to let the dust settle and stop it from spreading in the air. This will help in mitigating the impact of air pollution in manufacturing and construction firms. By controlling air pollution, a firm can prevent its employees from suffering from various health issues. When the liquid-based anti-pollution product is sprayed on the construction site, it creates a binding on the dust around the site and covers mounds of sand with invisible dust barrier sheets. Currently, it is mandatory for builders to cover the front of an ongoing construction site with a high metal sheet- this is not effective in curbing dust-related pollution and anti-pollution liquids prove to be a much better and more effective alternative.


Dual-stream and single-stream recycling methods of waste companies have helped the recycling process. Dual-stream recycling separates paper from all other forms of recyclable material. Builders strictly follow the EPA’s industrial recycling program, which focuses on recycling construction and debris demolition; it helps in saving the resources to a great extent.

Go Green

Making use of eco-friendly materials and products will help to bring a noticeable change to the environment. Methods like introducing green building solutions (covering walls, roof, and floor) across the construction area will further help in combating air pollution.

Hybrid technology

Construction firms must adopt hybrid technology rather than opting for diggers and excavators with diesel engines. The most commonly used hybrid machining processes are Abrasive electrical discharge machining (AEDM), Abrasive electrochemical discharge (AECDM) machining, and Abrasive electrochemical machining (AECM). These can help bring down the amount of PM particles in the air and purify it to make it breathable.

Summing up

Besides poor AQI, health problems caused due to air pollution are alarming. By understanding the responsibilities towards the environment and the society, construction and manufacturing firms can limit the amount of pollution it collectively creates. Knowing the consequences of air pollution can help to keep strict eyes on the amount of waste it produces and channelizes. The methods and strategies mentioned above will act as the key factors to reduce the amount of pollution produced. Following strict guidelines and willingness to protect Mother Nature will save humans and nature from further damage.


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