Herbal Wellness - Pushed To Being - Mainstream Concept Though The Pandemic

With the ever-rising awareness regarding aesthetics and healthier lifestyle, chemical-free organic products and governmental initiatives to support the local, the Ayurveda market has flourished in India during the pandemic.

Ever since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the term “immunity” has been something that has been frequently talked about. Rightly so, a below-par immunity puts you at risk of catching more diseases and with Covid around, puts your life in jeopardy. So what do we do to protect ourselves? We switched to herbal & natural options as a measure to augment immunity without fears of side effects. Herbal wellness products have experienced a sudden surge in their sales as the post-pandemic consumer behaviour has witnessed a sea change in their bid to tackle the coronavirus. That being said, the drive to switch to living a natural and holistic life isn’t just limited to a change in the type of consumed immunity boosters and health supplements but also has expanded its reach within the food products and beauty sector, as well.

With the ever-rising awareness regarding aesthetics and healthier lifestyle, chemical-free organic products and governmental initiatives to support the local, the Ayurveda market has flourished in India during the pandemic.

Apart from the organic supplements to boost our health and make us less prone to the coronavirus, in the beauty industry too, a host of products are in trend and are being demanded more and more as we talk. For instance, ayurvedic hair oil, organic face washes and body lotions, herbal face masks and pigmentation kits are all greatly sought after. Better results with an added benefit of keeping away from chemical-based products have lured more and more customers to the segment of the said consumer type. Also, apart from being natural and safe, herbal wellness products produce long-lasting results, leave no side-effects and of course, treat the root cause of the skin problems.

It is owing to the steady surge in the demand of herbal wellness products that its market is expected to grow from $4 billion in 2018 to $9.5 billion by 2024, as estimated in a report by Research and Market cited by Indianretailer. Not to mention, the post-pandemic consumer always has an eye for organic products in the market. Hence, it is also the right time for top-brands to switch to manufacturing a relatively increased variety of organic products and take their business and customer satisfaction to new heights. Apart from the various start-ups and hordes of local manufacturers producing herbal wellness products in and around our surroundings. It has been noted that owing to preference of a holistic lifestyle and the quality of the products they consume, most people tend to explore a lot of small-scale brands in their bid to match their needs of finding a proper natural product coming straight from the farms hence giving a opportunity to emerging brands and businesses 

So, being associated with the beauty and wellness industry for a long time ourselves, it can be affirmed that the herbal wellness industry has become more relevant since the pandemic and is here to stay. Rather than just applying and hoping for miracles from chemical-products, it is advised that the people should switch to herbal products and experience the deep nourishment, ability to counter the deep-lying problems and tackle the root causes for their skin issues, by themselves. With Covid-19 effect, the primary focus of the consumers is on their health and wellbeing. That being said, there aren’t products better than the herbal ones to meet your nourishment needs; be it immunity boosters, skincare and hair-care products or food products. Hence, the experienced growth in the sales of herbal self-care products has just begun and is expected to become a mainstream concept of the wellness and beauty sector in the coming years.

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