Hemp-based Nutrition Supplements - Everything You Need To Know

Before we begin an assessment of this subject, it is important to understand what hemp-based products actually are.

The world of health and wellbeing is the playground for many a fad – some of these fads stick and some don’t. The latest one, it seems, is using hemp-based products, especially as nutrition supplements. But, have you stopped to think if these hemp-based supplements actually work? How do they help us and what health problems do they actually target and claim to alleviate?

Before we begin an assessment of this subject, it is important to understand what hemp-based products actually are. According to Harshal Goel, CEO and Founder of The Trost, a Delhi-based company that exclusively manufactures hemp-based supplements, “Hemp utilises the power of Ayurvedic therapeutic attributes, reviving ancient remedies which are no longer in use in the modern Ayurvedic space. These are ancient organic medicinal remedies that use the curative powers of the cannabis plant.”

Hemp protein is therefore a great plant-based protein source. THC, the hallucinogenic ingredient found in marijuana, is not present in this portion of the plant. This resilient plant can thrive in a range of environments, and its various parts can be used in a multitude of ways. According to historical records, hemp seeds have been used as a food source for thousands of years. There is evidence to show that hemp was a major source of protein, fibre, and medicine in parts of the Mediterranean, as well as in Egypt and Morocco for several centuries. Hemp seeds are available in two forms - with the shells removed and as a powder derived from pulverised seeds. Both methods provide a good supply of nourishment as well as a variety of health benefits.

Hemp powder and seeds contain a protein proportion of 2:1 i.e. 30g of hemp powder or seeds contain 15g of protein. As you may be aware, the human brain uses amino acids to create protein, these amino acids are obtained through diet, most commonly from animal products such as meat, milk, and eggs. Hemp products, on the other hand, contain all the amino acids that one needs to help repair muscle cells, and regulate the neurological system and brain function. This makes them an excellent animal-free alternative for protein.

Goel asserts that his company The Trost is distinct from others in the same space as they use the best available seeds to manufacture the product. They are also the only ones who use moisture proof packaging. Products are retailed on their website, under three categories - hemp nutrition, cannabis leaf extracts (CBD) and The Trost rollens. Hemp nutrition does not require any prescription, but the Trost Rollens and CBD oils require a prescription beforehand.

Hemp hearts are de-shelled hemp seeds which can be eaten raw or paired with any food supplement such as milk, smoothies, and salads; hemp powder is made from grounded hemp seeds and can be eaten raw or paired with water, milk, and smoothies; hemp seed oil is a 100% cold-pressed product made from hemp seeds, and can be paired with salads or used for cooking. The oil is known for soothing skin and hair and can be applied directly on the affected areas as well. Cannabis leaf extracts are used for various different ailments and are proven to be sound medical remedies for the treatment of chronic pain, migraine, sleep disorders, stress, depression, and Alzheimer’s, among others. They are primarily for internal use and the recommended use is a few drops under the tongue.

Unique to The Trost is a product called rollens, which are smokable rolled cigarettes classified under Dhumyog which refers to smoke therapy in Ayurveda. Smoke therapy is used as a remedy for various ailments such as dyspnea, bronchitis, brain fog, migraine, chronic pain, stress, and depression to name a few.

Educating the consumer on the benefits of the product is quite a challenge despite the substantial research that has gone into proving the claim of success, however, things seem to be changing slowly. In case you are wondering how to get a prescription to access these products, the easiest way is to consult a certified Ayurveda Siddha Unani (ASU) practitioner. It is at the doctor’s discretion to prescribe the best suitable product or medicine for you after analysing your problems and symptoms.

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