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The launch of the International Numerology Forum marked the 2nd Edition of International Numerology Day, 2022

The  International Numerology Forum attracted 13 globally renowned numerologists who shared their views, experiences and unique observations on numerology. The International Numerology Day (IND) event also featured the birthday celebrations of Dr J.C. Chaudhry, an eminent numerologist with more than three decades of practice in numerology, and the release of a short film on him.

Accomplished numerologists who addressed the gathering included Mudigonda Gopikrishna, India; Pari Sagar, UAE; Amreesh Saxena, India; Michael West, USA; Abhinandan Kumar, India; Govind Vedaprakash Shandilya, India; Deepa Bajaj, India; Tameera, Australia; Pradiep Siingla, India; Allison Rose, Australia; Kathy Bernstein, USA and AnkkitaSiingla from India.

Mr Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director & Co-promoter, Aakash Educational Services Limited, and Dr Aashish Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash Healthcare Super Specialty Hospital, also spoke at the day-long event.  

Hundreds of numerology enthusiasts and professionals attended the event, both in person and online. A short film on Dr Chaudhry was screened during the event. November 18 being Dr Chaudhry’s birthday, a cake cutting ceremony followed at the event. A light and sound show enthralled the participants.

Talking about International Numerology Day, Dr J.C. Chaudhry said, “It is important that we dedicate a special day to the science of numerology, a very unique, interesting, and predictive science, born in Greece. Having an international day in honour of numerology will help more and more people appreciate how numerology works, the impact numbers have on their lives, and numerology’s applications in every realm of life. Numerology is very easy to understand. For doing calculations in numerology, one requires only two things: name of a person, and the correct date of birth of the person.”

 “My mission is to serve humanity and give back to society,” he went on to say. “Numbers are very powerful and can play a very important role in helping people. I have centres in London, New York, Australia, Canada etc. My centres are present in nine countries and we are looking to expand further,” said the well known numerologist.

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