HealthifyMe Launches Skill For Amazon Alexa

HealthifyMe users can track their meals, find nutritional information and compare food items, all using voice commands with Alexa. With more and more customers using Alexa in their living rooms, office desks, bedrooms and kitchens, the skill enables hands-free access to HealthifyMe features with the convenience of voice.

HealthifyMe, India’s leading health and fitness app with over 10 million users has integrated its AI assistant Ria with Amazon’s Alexa. With the launch of this skill, HealthifyMe users can track their meals, find nutritional information about foods, and even compare food items, all using voice commands through Alexa. The skill can be accessed on all Amazon Echo smart speakers and Alexa built-in devices such as iBall headphones and Bose speakers. This skill lets people use their voice to track their calorie intake and get health and nutrition tips.

With the new HealthifyMe Alexa Skill, users can ask information about popular Indian food items like ‘Sambhar’, ‘Idli’ and ‘Pav Bhaji’ or compare various foods and dishes. In addition, the skill also understands common Indian terminologies like 'katori', along with standard measures like bowl and grams, making the experience very seamless. Users can just ask Alexa to open HealthyfyMe skill and get their queries answered. Just ask:  

“Alexa, ask HealthifyMe to give information about dosa”

“Alexa, ask HealthifyMe to compare apple and mango” 

“Alexa, ask HealthifyMe to track two katori of sambhar for dinner” 

Through this skill, HealthifyMe is making it easier for users to manage their diet, even when they are not around their mobile phones. HealthifyMe’s plans for the near future are to expand the Alexa skill to include all Ria capabilities like getting personalised diet and workout suggestions and receiving feedback on progress.

Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe said, “Voice as a medium is the most intuitive when it comes to how people can benefit from HealthifyMe every day. We have already seen an extremely positive user response for our AI assistant Ria who people can speak to and seek health and fitness advice. The new Alexa skill  will allow us to expand this seamless VUI capability further as we evolve into an automated nutritionist for smart homes.” 

Dilip R.S., Country Manager for Alexa Skills and Voice Services, Amazon India said, “We are excited to see HealthifyMe launch their Alexa skill. Asking for information via voice is more intuitive than picking up a screen, typing and reading through the results. We are sure users will enjoy the convenience of using simple voice commands to ask Alexa for health tips and nutrition information using the HealthifyMe skill.”   

HealthifyMe’s AI assistant Ria has now evolved into a diet expert in her own right. There are several firsts that Ria has brought to the health-tech space. Ria is the world’s first conversational AI nutritionist. She uses key learning’s obtained from HealthifyMe's 250 million tracked meals and 10 million message exchanges between coaches and clients to answer questions around nutrition and fitness via both audio and text and provide personalized responses based on the users' lifestyle habits. Using Ria, users can scan hotel menus to find the most suitable food item for them. Ria also offers a ‘SNAP’ function using which users can click a picture of food in their plate. From the picture, Ria can automatically identify the food items and calculate a user’s calorie intake. 

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