Health Is Beauty- A New Era

With the pandemic’s emotional and physical after-effects, people are consciously taking measures to work on their physical and mental health

Gone are the days of vanity, where a big celebrity purely endorsed a cosmetic product to establish beauty standards. Major influencers and trendsetters are now using their influential strategies to promote the power of fitness, health and holistic wellness. A new era has dawned upon us, where we are realising that the age old mantra of “health is wealth” is the greatest advice to live by in 2022. 

With the pandemic’s emotional and physical after-effects, people are consciously taking measures to work on their physical and mental health, because what makes us healthy, enhances the true beauty that lies within us. To this extent, even consumer awareness has significantly grown over the last two years. A consumer of any product, whether it is an edible food product, or a skincare product, people want to know what it is made of, how it is manufactured, and what the brand believes in. This has placed an increasing and a much-needed pressure on brands to become transparent as well as ethical in their manufacturing and marketing practices. While innumerable new brands are launching new products everyday, only a few are going to sustain in the market. 

Skincare brands are now consciously creating products which are made of natural ingredients, emphasising on being free of harsh chemicals and other toxins, parabens, sulphates, silicones, mineral oils and allergens. Product labels are now more elaborate, honest and extensive in their information. There is also a greater brand to consumer connect, where there is a direct gateway of communication with the customers online to understand their concerns of health and wellness. In addition to their products, brands are also providing additional information through their blogs and social media to raise awareness, whether it is to nurture better lifestyle habits or aid in developing positive wellness for them and their families. 

This consciousness on health has now gained momentum and is definitely the future of where the global industries across segments are headed. Many individuals of every age is concerned with their physical fitness and emotional well-being. Online trends are showing rising consumption of activities such as yoga, home workouts, healthier food and recipes, as well as natural skincare remedies and products. People in general are more aware and more conscious of making the right choices in almost all spheres. This is perhaps the most positive outcome of the unfortunate pandemic that has gripped the world over the last two years.

I am hopeful that the youth will take charge here, by aiding their parents and children to lead healthier lives and change the way we look at ourselves and our families. Let’s face it, vanity and superficial beauty are dead ends in the face of medical crises. So here’s to 2022 and onwards, where we can embrace the mantra of “health is beauty”. 

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