Whether it is dealing with a crisis or difficult colleagues at the work place, or having differences of opinion at home with your family or your spouse

In times of adversity, it’s easy for us to lose hope and feel a sense of insecurity, not knowing when things will get better or if there’s even a way out. We all go though it in some form or the other.

Whether it is dealing with a crisis or difficult colleagues at the work place, or having differences of opinion at home with your family or your spouse. Being a new mother and not knowing how to deal with the new changes in your life and your body.

We are constantly evolving and as we do, the Universe keeps throwing different blockades in our path. How we tackle them depends on US. Here are a few tips I put together that can help you be more optimistic and pull you out of a negative vortex!

1) Remember that where you are right now is not where you will always be.

Time is transitory and nothing ever stays the same. There is comfort in knowing that a time like this shall soon pass. The good times don’t last forever and neither do the bad.

Sometimes we feel and want to hold onto the moment forever. Instead of dwelling on it, you try and experience it fully. It makes that moment more meaningful.

It’s just about shifting your thought in the present moment. You may have been in a better space before and so this time is temporary. Time keeps moving and the more you try and deal with it through positivity, the faster you will be able to release the emotions attached to it.

2) Creating a Positive Morning Ritual

Studies have shown that the manner you start your day determines how the rest of your day will go. I always start my morning with Positive Affirmations. Even before my feet touch the ground. It is the first thought I think, Then I do a 15 minute meditation by Deepak Chopra or a Chakra Meditation.

Once you become regular with your morning routine, you can take this energy into the rest of your day.

3) Notice your achievements, however small they may seem

We tend to be our own worst critics, and when we are down, our ‘Ego’ mind tends to go into overdrive and validate those negative points in our mind. For instance, if we miss a deadline, our mind will say “See? I told you. You were never going to make it on time” or “You aren’t capable enough. You always fail”.

If you see growth in the smallest of situations (because there always is! ), you will shift your energy into a more positive and complimentary space. We tend to compare our progress to others which is the worst thing we can do. Your journey is your individual journey. The destination may be the same for some, but the path and learnings are in individualistic.

4) Let go of Expectations 

If we have a visual of what our life ‘should be’ we will living our life from a place of ‘lack’. Our brain is constantly looking for that next event in our life that will make us happy. The more you expect something, the more likely your brain will depend on that for happiness. When it doesn’t happen, you set yourself up for disappointment. If we try and put our focus on things that CAN happen, that is a strong probability it WILL work in our favour, we continue to remain in that state of positivity.

5) Positive Visualisation

They say visualisation is a powerful way to bring us happiness. and success. Day dreaming, thinking of what we desire and imagining it coming to us are all techniques of positive visualisation.

If you can truly visualise something you want to achieve or overcome, with all your emotions and senses, your brain will start to believe that it’s possible. When that happens, you automatically shift gear into a state of hope.

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