Going Back to Office After Partial Lockdown? This Is How It Can Affect Your Mental Well-Being

Are you one of them who is supposed to go to the office after a partial lockdown is announced? Then, here are some vital tips to enhance your mental well-being, and stay calm and composed. Read on to know more about this

As the government extended the nationwide lockdown, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) released a revised list of services and activities that will be resumed in orange and green zones– areas that are least affected by COVID-19. As per the new guidelines, private offices in orange and green zones will be allowed to open with up to 33 per cent strength as per requirement, with the remaining people working from home. Though, the offices in red zones will remain shut. People may feel that they are coming out of their comfort zone after almost 3 months of the lockdown. People may have got used to working from home. One may feel anxious, nervous or depressed as there may be a shortage of staff. Certain level of readjustment to the office environment and working in the half-strength staff may become daunting. This may take a toll on the mental health. Another fear may be of contracting the coronavirus infection. A degree of fear or paranoia may be experienced while travelling. All these questions may arise in mind making one more anxious. Likewise, while travelling to work, one may feel nostalgic of theatres, shopping malls or restaurants bringing back pleasant memories. This trip down the memory lane could be overwhelming. Though there may be nervousness, but by remembering that old fun you had with your family and friends can be relieving. Slowly, life will come back to normalcy may be optimistic outlook of some. Other positive may be of less traffic and pollution while travelling. Afterall, it may not be doom-and-gloom going back to work. Thus, if you are one of them who is resuming work then follow these vital tips to stay calm and composed. · Let go of the thought of COVID-19, but take all the necessary precautions. Furthermore, it is essential to accept that the situation is temporary. 

Rely only on information from trusted sources and do not fall prey to baseless rumors. · Accept the 'new normal' of social distancing, wearing mask and sanitiser gel as part of the daily routine. · Avoid exposing yourself to disturbing content. Do not keep watching the news of coronavirus. ·Keep in touch with your family members via phone. Spend some quality time with your family members. ·Exercise at home as it can help you stay positive, stress-free, and energetic!

Try relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. . 

  Say goodbye to smoking and alcohol and get at least 7-8 hours sleep. 

· Try to do activities which you enjoy like reading, listening to music, painting or gardening to calm yourself. 

· Opt for journaling by writing down about your thoughts, for e.g. What triggers stress? How do you feel while at work?

 ·Do not get worked up due to staff shortage, but try to focus on your work. .

 Seek professional help if needed. Don’t suffer in silence!

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