Global Mental Health Could Be The Next Pandemic, If Not Addressed Here And Now

Employees dealing with heightened stress or mental health issues must not be neglected or looked down upon.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a great deal of fear, worry, stress, and irreparable losses even in the farthest corners of the world. It is during these times that both individual as well as collective efforts are required to control the widespread mental health epidemic that has spread in parallel to the fatal COVID-19 global health crisis. Alongside the effects on the physical health, COVID-19 has prompted and forced many into a state of self and social isolation, disengagement from the loved ones bringing leading to max-imum individuals encountering cases of vulnerability, disconnection, distress, uneasiness and de-spondency.

Global Leaders Need to Step Up

Good Leaders are responsible to help their peers and inspire them to defy the odds in this case of the Covid-19 crisis and find the resolve as a collective to make the impossible possible. A successful leader perceives the significance of accepting differences in the team and realizes how to come to a novel solu-tion to solving a problem and a sensible conclusion among those distinctions to get the best results from the group. This is the foundation that develops a work environment of constant evolution, up-grades, advancement and drives growth. We are in the middle of a social and work culture revolution. Social Audio Apps like Clubhouse allow us to stay connected even though we may be stuck at home and teams can meet via Zoom, Airmeet and other social technological platforms that allow for remote work as we win the fight against Covid-19. It is imperative that in a post-COVID world we reimagine all as-pects of how we live and work and optimize not just for maximum profit but how humanity can thrive and flourish into the future.

This is why leadership matters the most here and now. Employees dealing with heightened stress or mental health issues must not be neglected or looked down upon. Organizations need to level up and take charge in acknowledging their leadership role in helping their employees and value chain of ven-dors and partners overcome the fear and worry caused by the global pandemic. This is a time where we must all unite as leaders from the top and bottom to create the conditions for our people to feel like they still belong and are needed.

Technology to innovate mental health industry

Telehealth offers a good solution to the current global mental health and well-being crisis. The only challenge is people feeling the stigma of such mental stress and therefore not wishing to share their real feelings with a medical professional. Mental health is a cornerstone for health and wealth creation given the accelerated pace of change. Guaranteeing that the industry evolves from the surge of a recent interest due to the pandemic to a main stay to help both individuals and teams performance better and use advanced tools and techniques to additionally open up access and improve nature of care of the past is a big challenge to overcome.

Several efforts have been put in place to decrease execution challenges into video conferencing (or syn-chronous tele-health) during this current emergency features the possibility to increase admittance for help. However, this isn’t enough. More exponential endeavors and technologies are needed to have more access and quality to services as the field intends to use innovations like mobile applications and other innovative social technologies.

Putting resources into the researches, results, workforce, commitment, and moral employments of these advanced tools will help in maximizing tele healthcare’s capacity.

Way forward

There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic is still an emergency and has changed our lives forever, but, it has also the seeds of hope despite the significant psychological damage. If there is one lesson we can take away from this experience is that a healthy body as well as mind is essential in as we move into a brave new world. It should be the focal point of each nation’s response to and recuperation from the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has seriously affected the emotional well-being and prosperity of nu-merous nations and its people.

As the issue is larger than what it seems to be, emotional wellness must not remain unaddressed. The time is Now for urgent action to address the global mental health of humanity at large. It is the need of the need of the hour and of great importance to get help despite what stigma is attached to it or the poor infrastructure and investment in promoting its importance. Avoiding ones mental health and stress can cause more damage than nations can take on it’s citizens. It is important that we choose hope over fear and find the courage to move forward with deep empathy and compassion. In order to do so we must address and strengthen the global mental health infrastructure and ecosystem.

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Global Mental Health Could Be The Next Pandemic, If Not Addressed Here And Now

Employees dealing with heightened stress or mental health issues must not be neglected or looked down upon. ...

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