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Being busy with work and meeting people is such a blessing’ is a mutual sentiment among people who are forced to lock themselves at home due to Coronavirus pandemic. With our gadgets remaining our only connection to the outer world and lack of social mingling, anxiety has been triggered among different individuals at various levels. Motivation and mindfulness are needed more than ever today, and this has not gone unnoticed by our favourite life coaches and gurus. If you too are trying to find that sync-in mode within yourself to deal with your current environment, then turn to these five gurus to gain some timeless wisdom:

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Popularly known as Gurudev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his organization Art of Living have been at the forefront of serving masses with necessary spiritual guidance. To alleviate stress among his followers during an unprecedented lockdown, Gurudev was quick to launch interactive videos on how one can learn to meditate, do breathing exercises and other techniques to reduce anxiety and improve immunity. Later on, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar also released 20 episodes of a new series called Open up during lockdown. The series discusses about the most common challenges and how one should respond to them to turn them into opportunities for spiritual growth.

Grand Master Akshar: The Grand Master holds valuable lessons of life and secrets of yoga asanas from Himalaya, the birthplace of yoga. From teaching pupils about yoga to publishing books on yoga secrets, Grand Master Akshar extends his service and knowledge in various ways, earning him many followers from across the globe. During the lockdown phase also, Grand Master Akshar turned to the virtual world to launch various videos on tips to beat anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and more issues, with help of yoga. He has consistently been hosting live sessions on social media platforms, with each session being attended by at least 10,000 people. His live sessions have been viewed by more than 40 lakh people and clocked more than 80,000 likes.

Sadhguru: Jaggi Vasudev, who has earned international popularity as Sadhguru has also stepped up to extend virtual guidance on how people must look at lockdown. He is popular for combining his spiritual knowledge, wit and creativity to impart important messages of life. Sadhguru encourages his pupils to see every situation, worst or good, from a different perspective as an observer rather than a participant. On his YouTube channel, Sadhguru has been holding live sessions for his followers to discuss various topics such as how to deal with negative emotions, how to avoid irritation, how to be productive during lockdown and more.

Ira Trivedi: Ira Trivedi is a famous Indian author and yoga teacher, followed by millions of people from across the countries. To uplift the spirits of her followers during the lockdown, Ira launched India’s first virtual wellness festival called ‘Being Yoga’. About 1 million people joined the virtual event, including popular influencers, spiritual stalwarts and more. Apart from that, Ira suggests that one must take out at least 20 minutes daily to practice yoga or exercise in order to stimulate the mind and body.

Fitness Guru Mickey Mehta: Dr. Mickey Mehta is a global leading health guru and has been encouraging people to use the lockdown phase for self-development and to focus on spiritual growth. He has been working closely with the community and is involved in virtual consultations to motivate his followers. He suggests it is the time when we must all focus on strengthening immunity, which can be achieved with the right diet, mindset and exercise. He has been helping people to see through the darkness to find the right balance.

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