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Opting for a wellness retreat is a proactive approach to take charge of your health and ensure overall well-being.

Cleansing your body and detoxifying your mind from negativity is a key to a happy and long life.  The hectic routine, long hours of work and daily stress leave us with little time for ourselves. Opting for a wellness retreat is a proactive approach to take charge of your health and ensure overall well-being. 

Set amidst verdant greenery and tranquility of Nature, the Nimba Nature Cure Village, spread over 23 acres, is a holistic wellness destination to rewind and rejuvenate from the hectic lifestyle.

The word ‘Nimba’ denotes a mystical tree that is a repository of health benefits and is an epitome of perennial health and well-being rather than just a disease-free human body.

Imbued with a vision to inspire people to live a healthier, longer and better life by following a natural lifestyle, Nimba aims to disrupt the wellness space through its array of offerings.  Nimba’s curated offerings embody a judicious blend of western and natural treatment to enable one to lead a rejuvenating, stimulating and healthy life.  

A key value proposition of Nimba is the meticulously- curated plans to cater to every individual. Each treatment reaffirms the effectiveness of the Naturopathy to identify the exact pain points and endorses a holistic approach to maintain good health throughout life.

Speaking about the uniqueness of this holistic approach, Jayant Bokadia, CEO, Nimba Nature Cure says, “Most of us have a fast-paced lifestyle entrenched in realities that keep us estranged from our natural-selves. This leads to an imbalance of mind, body and soul and triggers the onset of various diseases such as depression, gastrointestinal ailments, musculoskeletal conditions, reproductive disorders and much more. Our bodies are resilient, capable of self-healing and purging various health disorders if we ensure that this balance remains stable through self-discipline. At Nimba, our goal is to help people to eliminate these imbalances by enabling them to explore a harmonious synergy of mind, body and soul. Our approach is based on ancient wisdom and traditional practices backed by modern science and professional guidance to provide the best naturopathy ecosystem for healing.”

Nimba not only offers a post-disease cure through collaboration with various leading hospitals in India but also offers an array of wellness programmes as a proactive approach to ensure well-being. This wellness programme follows a multi-dimensional approach through an amalgamation of yoga and meditation, Ayurveda, naturopathy, physiotherapy and a disciplined routine. A serene wellness abode endowed with state-of-the-art amenities and set amid lush greenery, expanses of organic farms to live in harmony with Nature and meditation caves to reconnect with the inner self are some of the highlights of the wellness program.

To date, Nimba has successfully helped people from diverse backgrounds to tackle complex medical conditions like addiction, psoriasis, acid refluxes, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and even MS. There are also corporate wellness plans to help professionals to de-stress and fully charged to get back to work. Nimba has also conducted workshops and awareness programs for top management professionals to help them incorporate wellness practices into their daily lives. 

Nimba’s retreat programs are designed with a scientific approach to ensure maximum results in a short duration of time. They are based on a combination of therapies like ayurvedic treatments, meditation, raga therapy, acupressure, physiotherapy, reiki, hypnotherapy to heal the body through cleansing and detoxification and ensure overall well-being. 

The facilities at Nimba are built to encourage people to adopt a naturopathy and disciplined lifestyle as a key to health and well-being.

Encapsulating an array of offerings under one roof, Nimba is a one-stop solution for health enthusiasts as well as those who wish to embark on the challenging yet fulfilling journey of self-healing, through the goodness of naturopathy.

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