Everything You Should Know About Female Hormones And Dental Health

A visit to the dentist can help you with the steps to combat dry mouth and other oral health-related illnesses

A woman's life comes with mixed experiences. From bringing life into the world to bringing a new life to the world, women can do anything to everything. But little did you know the challenges they face daily yet remain unaffected and keep going on.

Hormones and Oral Health

Women's weight, mood, sex drive, dental health, hair etc. can be affected by a hormonal imbalance. Carrying a mixed bag of life experiences, women's hormones can affect their life in all senses. Women undergo some major hormonal changes in their lifespan, but at times, these changes are extreme, which can even impact their teeth and gums.

Puberty -

When a young girl hits puberty, two hormones - progesterone and estrogen increase, making gingivitis more likely to occur. Maintaining a proper oral care regime is vital at this stage especially if the young girl has a dental history.

Menstruation Cycle -

Menstruation comes with a series of concerns, and oral health is not untouched. Catching a cavity during the menstrual cycle is a temporary condition where irritation, bleeding or soreness can be felt. These symptoms may continue during the menstrual cycle and decrease a couple of days before their period begins. If at all, the conditions get worse after your period ends, then one should immediately rush to the dentist.

Birth Control -

Medications like birth control pills also affect one's oral health. Women who take contraceptive pills are more prone to gum inflammation than women who don't. These medicines may cause acidic regurgitation, which can result in erosion of the enamel and sensitivity in teeth, making them prone to decay.

Pregnancy -

Pregnancy is a different experience altogether but has links with the would-be-mom or child's health. Gingivitis is a common symptom in expecting mothers. Morning sickness, nausea, and change in diet can significantly impact the mom’s heath acidic regurgitation due to medications causing erosion of the enamel, which causes sensitivity and is prone to decay and affects oral health. Bad oral health can give rise to the situation of the birth of a premature baby and low birth weight.

Menopause -

With the passage of age, the body starts becoming weak, and one has to take medicines to stay healthy. For women, some of these medicines can cause side effects that may lead to dry mouth, bad breath etc. A dry mouth welcomes bacteria and other food particles, which can even lead to decay and gum disease. A visit to the dentist can help you with the steps to combat dry mouth and other oral health-related illnesses.

Steps to Avoid Oral Health Problems -

There's no denying the link oral health has with hormones. However, one can take a few steps to amp up their oral health game throughout life.

· Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride infused toothpaste, floss, clean your tongue with a scraper, and regularly rinse your mouth.

· Eat a balanced diet that includes fruits and leafy vegetables. Drink plenty of water and avoid acidic or sugary substances which may erode the teeth' enamel.

· Cut down on smoking or consuming alcohol as they can damage your gums and make your teeth more prone to decay.

· One must visit the dentist at least twice a year. Getting teeth cleaning done at regular intervals is recommended. Another advantage of seeing a dentist at regular intervals is that if there is any issue, it can be addressed at an early stage.

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