Dos and Donts for Asthma Patients

Better fitness leads to improved aerobic capacity which indicates fitness of lungs

As the country, especially Delhi-NCR continue to grapple with poor air quality, asthma patients should take special care to minimize the chances of an attack. Here is the list of do’s and don’ts that will come handy for asthma patients. 


• Follow Your Asthma Action Plan

Devise a comprehensive action plan to control asthma. Do discuss it with your doctor. Stick diligently to your plan. 

• Know Your Peak Flow Zones

Monitor your breathing rate. Peak flow meters are useful to keep a check on breathing rate. It can indicate problems early on and thus minimizes the chances of an attack. 

• Exercise regularly

Be sure to check with your doctor about exercise, sports or any physical activity. Better fitness leads to improved aerobic capacity which indicates fitness of lungs. So if you are not physically active, start it from today itself. However, be mindful not to exercise outdoors when pollution level is high. Instead, follow an indoor exercise programme. 

• Keep your home clean

Cleaning home regularly will prevent a build-up of dust, dirt and pet dander – all of which comprise the causes of asthma. Change your bedsheets regularly to avoid a dust mite invasion. Also, pet-owners should go an extra mile to ensure cleanliness. 

• Manage Stress

Develop an action plan to cope with stress to reduce the chances of asthma attack. Enrolling for yoga classes, regular meditation and deep breathing are useful for managing stress. 

• Be Aware of Your Symptoms

Be on the watch out for early warning symptoms such as shortness of breath or tightness in your chest. It will help you tackling asthma head-on. 

• Get yourself vaccinated against pneumonia and influenza

Asthma patients are more likely to get complications from the flu. Vaccines are among the safest ways to protect your health, even if you are taking prescription medications.


• Don’t miss regular preventive inhaler

Preventive inhaler should be a part of your action plan for tackling asthma. Use it in a dose prescribed by your physician. 

• Avoid Your Asthma Triggers

Know and avoid triggers that make your asthma flare-up or worsen such as e pollen, smoke, dust, animal fur, cold air, or the flu.

• Avoid Food Preservatives That Could Trigger Asthma

Certain food preservatives cause asthma. Avoid eating out or consuming prepackaged foods. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats in your diet plan.

• Quit Smoking 

Tobacco smoke is among the major causes of an asthma attack.  Asthma patient who smoke regularly will find that their medications are less effective than they are in non-smokers. One should also avoid sources of smoke that could worsen asthma symptoms

• Avoid pets in your bedroom

In case you have pets, ensure to that you do not share room with them. Stay away from carpets and cloth-covered furniture that trap dander.

• Don’t put off visiting your physician

It is crucial to have regular check-ups with your doctor. Don’t postponeyour visit until you are too unwell to call him. Get regular check-ups done to ensure you are doing well. 

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