Don’t Be Practical Putting Emotions At Stake

Having a practical approach towards life has always been recommended as it encompasses skills to see the world as it is but it should not come at the cost of emotions.

“Be practical!”, one must have got to hear this term more often. It has always been regarded as one solution for more than five problems. Especially in a professional environment, we are expected to be a practical thinker so that we do not get carried away with certain things and rather focus on our goals, be greatly ambitious, prioritize work, always be motivated, competitive and calculative. But the question is, does being practical mean to be dispassionate?

When we grow as a children, we are told that everything is possible in this world and were asked to dream big and be hopeful but the time we start to face several challenges, which we have not been aware of earlier, we are advised to be practical and face the reality and get accustomed to it. Being practical means to start practicing or implementing what we have learnt and experience the authenticity of life. But one thing that makes it difficult for most of the people to abide by that process is, the reality of this world is conflicting from what we have imagined it to be. We live in the world of fantasy until we step into the reality and when we are finally living it, that becomes tough for us to understand how to deal with various problems and people and if we enquire about the solution, we are told to “be practical”, which basically means to make your way out through all such problems without getting emotionally affected. But unfortunately it is not so easily implemented in our lives as it sounds to be.

People show concern for creating awareness about depression or anxiety or any other mental disorder, but if one tries to talk about their mental problems, the most common advice given is to be practical in life and not an “emotional fool”. In this modern time, where people have adopted a rigorous working culture and cut-throat competitions, for whom every action is driven by money and the lifestyle has become more of a robot than human, they hardly try to check on what a person might be going through emotionally or if he/she is in a state of happiness or sorrow and they explain this thought giving reason that it is a practical life and emotions have no role to play in it.1 in a 5 has some emotional or behavioral problems. Many go though anxiety and depression which puts adverse affect on their professional and personal lives, resulting to persistent inefficiency and failing to make a significant position at their work place and thus it affects to their overall mental state and personality also.

Having a practical approach towards life has always been recommended as it encompasses skills to see the world as it is but it should not come at the cost of emotions. As all of us are aware of the real world, we must be emotional and also respect others emotion along with making them adapt to a practical life instead of becoming part of the world where people are involved in corrupt practices or any unfair means to survive. A balanced emotion with practical approach, together is what helps people to live a mentally fit and sustainable life both in personal and professional lives.

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