Divine Soul Yoga Launches Wellness Retreat Centre In Punjab

Divine Soul Yoga has recently inaugurated a new Ashram called the Solis Wellness Retreat at Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

The 3-day restorative program is beginner-friendly that even the first-timers can experience deep meditation. The multi-modal alternative therapy-led holistic wellness retreat and research centre, Divine Soul Yoga has recently inaugurated the first Ashram at Hoshiarpur, Punjab called the Solis Wellness Retreat. Situated in the forest area, Solis Wellness Retreat is a first-of-its-kind ashram that sprawls across 60 acres of lush landscaped orchards that spells serenity and solitude nature. The center provides therapy sessions that are perfect for the working population who need a break from their stressful city lives and rejuvenate themselves surrounded by the serene embrace of creation. Hoshiarpur is also known as the 'Land of Saints' that has numerous sightseeing spots like the Takhni-Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary, Sheesh Mahal, and various temples for the visitors to explore.

A deeper look at each weekend retreat reveals nearly 3 days spent practicing Deep Meditation coupled with insightful discourses on life and how to live it mindfully, with intermittent laughter therapy and restorative healing sessions as also several recreational activities. Each of these sessions will begin on Friday evenings and conclude on Monday mornings. The program is designed in a way that even the first-timers can experience deep meditation. The uniqueness of the program is its super easy Bliss meditation which has its foundation in Love & is specially curated by Master Dr. Deepak Mittal from his spiritual experiences. The other elements includes Divine Healing for cleansing & healing the emotional self, burst of laughter therapy with crazy fun-filled movements and yoga to de-stress and attain higher clarity of mind. The meditation retreat will be organized every weekend.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Deepak Mittal, Founder of Divine Soul Yoga, says, “DSY mediation and therapy sessions can help people master the technique of meeting challenges with inner peace and distractions with mindfulness. Having spent years in the shadows of learned gurus, I realized that in such stressful times of today, there is dire need for human beings to attain holistic and internal happiness. Therefore, with DSY we have created a unique concept that can help people attain the same clarity of mind, stress relief, healing, increased concentration & sustainable happiness. Our mission is to spread this precious knowledge and experience of pure bliss through divine love worldwide and hence we have specially curated these soul-enriching bliss meditation retreats accessible to a modern audience, giving an experience of blissful tranquility. Divine Soul Yoga welcomes all to our new Ashram at Hoshiarpur to join this spiritual journey which will help achieve the perfect harmony between mind, body & soul. You will become capable enough to handle stress, and lead a victoriously supreme life. Anybody can avail the therapy sessions we organize here and return to the kind 0f life our wise ancestors used to lead”.

In addition to this, Divine Soul Yoga is carrying extensive studies to prove that Yoga and meditation can boost individuals' health and well-being. They recently took a quantum leap in anti-aging & healing treatment by finding out that the biological aging process may be slowed down in the human body with Yoga & healing.

With the vision to create a world of love where all the beings live with warmth, peace, and harmony, creating heaven on the earth, Divine Soul Yoga currently has its wellness centre at New Delhi, Chandigarh & Hoshiarpur along with the international presence at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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