Diabetics Can Consume Carbohydrates, Calories As Per Guidelines

According to experts, diabetics can consume carbohydrates and calories in small portions at fixed time intervals

Diabetes is a fast spreading disease. Not only in India but in the whole world, the number of diabetes patients is increasing rapidly. While as per guidelines, a diabetic cam take small amount of calories and carbs.

According to WHO, by the year 2030, the number of diabetes patients in India will cross 80 million. 230 million people worldwide are living with this chronic disease. The patients of this disease are always confused about what to eat and what not.

The National Institute of Nutrition guidelines state that daily carbohydrate intake in diabetic patients depends on the patient's height, weight, exercise and diet. According to experts, diabetics can consume carbohydrates and calories in small portions at fixed time intervals.

Diabetes patients are advised to take only 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates in a day. Since rice contains more carbohydrates for which patients are forbidden to eat it. However, this does not happen with all rice, because there are many such rice, in which GI is also less and carbohydrates are also found less. The glycemic index is low in those rice in which less starch is found. Usna rice is the best option for this. Apart from this, basmati, brown and wild rice also have very low GI.

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