Coronavirus: Mantra & Meditation to strengthen your immunity

Modern neuroscience is now beginning to discover the relationship between the way mantras are chanted and the impact on the functioning of the mind

Covid-19 pandemic has already taken over the world at a massive scale. In such a condition it is said that a strong immune system can help to avoid the virus. Well, many have often argued that the strength of your immune system will not help to avoid Covid-19. But, a strong immune system can always be of help in preventing the illness caused due to virus and preventing the serious complications.

This is the time, when people are practicing social isolation which is said to be helpful for preventing the virus. However, it is necessary to understand that constant worry about your financial condition and staying away from your loved ones may take a toll on your emotional health thereby leading to depression that may be harmful for your immunity system. If you practice meditation and chant mantras you will be able to keep away the virus by making your body stronger. 

Studies have shown that meditation can help to cure all illnesses. Thus, if you have a strong immune system, you will eventually be able to fight the virus too. It causes improved cognitive functioning and reduced physical problems. 

Your immune system is not responsible for the physical functioning to ward off the diseases but also to enhance the thoughts and moods. Furthermore, it is responsible for transmitting the thoughts to your cells. Hence, it is very necessary to transmit the right signals. We have no control over how our life will go, but we do have a control over how we respond. If you haven’t tried mantra and meditation to ease the functioning of your immune system, then mantra or meditation is the best option to treat it. 

Reciting mantras and Meditation, an age-old spiritual practice, always remained shrouded in the realms of awe and marvel, and was perceived miraculous in effect if practiced. Chanting mantras forms a part of many religious rituals, and diverse spiritual traditions consider chanting mantras as a route to spiritual and worldly development. Meditation on the other hand is aimed at relaxing your body. Meditation is aimed at improving how your body functions. 

Mantra is a specific combination of syllables and is based heavily on the science of Naad. These sounds or vibrations tune, quieten and focus the mind. These specific combinations of syllables, words and rhythms hold great power in their sound current to create and elevate consciousness. Mantras are sound vibrations that infiltrate every cell of human being; they let the mind deliquesce. Reciting any mantra produces an actual physical vibration, which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness. These vibrations bring about positive changes in the immunity system and strengthen it. 

Modern neuroscience is now beginning to discover the relationship between the way mantras are chanted and the impact on the functioning of the mind. When we chant a mantra, the frontal lobes of our brain ‘light up’ and the nerve endings fire up. There is increased flow of oxygen and blood. Frontal lobes are responsible for thought, learning, perception and emotion. Chanting mantras can have an effect on us from the vibrations they send out, affecting brain patterns. The brain uses certain fluids to transmit messages.

Reciting mantras and practicing meditation will affect and activate these fluids in a positive way. Thus, we can use mantras to heal the body, mind and emotional state, and also to attract or create prosperity, success, love and positivity. Studies have shown that practicing meditation can be helpful for boosting your physical functioning. Improved physical functioning is a result of improved immunity system. 

If you are feeling stressed and anxious owing to everything going around you lately, it is time that you turn to mantras and meditation as it can help calm your mind. If you take more stress, your immunity power will reduce too making you more prone to the virus. Mantras and meditation can be a great boost for your psychological and immunity buildup thereby helping you cope up in the stressful environment. 

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