Celebrate International Pilates Day by Learning to Breathe

Give that boost to your immunity just by breathing correctly and to your maximum capacity on 1st May 2021

Increasing immunity and breathing correctly is important now more than ever. So, come join Pilates for Wellbeing on the occasion of International Pilates Day (1st May 2021) for a free 75 minute online Classical Pilates session at 8.30 AM by Kavita Prakash on varied breathing patterns to boost your immunity. 

Pilates Day is an annual, international celebration all about connecting your community, experiencing this amazing body movement technique and feeling fantastic. The ongoing second wave of Covid-19 is seeing a lot of issues with people not getting enough oxygen. To avoid this problem and to stay fit, healthy and calm during this stressful time, a mindful exercise regime like Pilates can be quite beneficial.

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