Can yoga help couples sustain their relationship better?

Couples Yoga helps in revisit the intimacy in your relation. By support, stretch and balance with each other in yoga poses.

1. Quality time with your Partner:

Quality time means time that you spend just for your partner with full awareness and conscience sharing the moment just with him/her doing activities which you both have common interest.

Practicing Yoga as couples is fun and healthier way to spend time together.

2. Unbreakable trust:

Trust is the core foundation of any relationship. In most relationships it is affected due to lack of communication or not sharing the details of their life happening outside home to the partner.

Yoga helps in improving their trust by establishing a clear understanding of each other by union of body, mind and emotions.

3. Care and love

Boredom and growing apart in life is one of the major reason for breakups in recent day, revisiting your magic moments of your love story and experiencing the same often and becoming aware of all you did to be together is necessary to grow your relationship stronger by the day pass but not the opposite. Couples Yoga helps in revisit the intimacy in your relation. By support, stretch and balance with each other in yoga poses.

Couple Dance pose

Dancer Pose involves a great deal of balance and coordination. When practiced together it make the pose easy yet challenging to hold because it needs focus, concentration and coordination from both the partner equally. It is also a very good heart opener.


Step a little farther back from your partner. Place right hand lightly on their shoulder. And the left hand holding left feet Slowly bend forward slightly together (stepping back as needed). Raise the same leg feet upward with a curve on your left side spine and feel the stretch on chest. Gaze is to your partners eyes. then swap legs to other side.

Double Mountain Pose

Strength your bond like a mountain by practicing the double mountain pose with your partner. This pose helps in strengthening the shoulder, spine and increase flexibility in the hamstring.


Have your partner come into downward dog.

Plant your hands in front of him as shown, and lift one leg over him so you're in a forward bend straddling his arms.

Bring one foot onto his sacrum, placing it carefully to avoid the movable vertebrae of her lower back. Shift your weight to your arms to take the other leg up.

Stay in the posture for 12 sec.

Release from the posture.

Double Gate Pose

Close the gate to all negative emotions in your relationship by activating your parasympathetic nervous system and relieving stress in your spine and lateral.

Since lateral bends are challenging, because it’s not a natural movement we do every day. But while you practice with the support of your partner it becomes easier and enjoying!!!


Come up to your knees, facing in the same direction.

Stretch one leg out to touch your partner's foot.

Side bend towards the centre, reaching up to touch your partner's hand. Look up.

Hold for 12 sec, then release.

Turn in the opposite direction and repeat the pose to stretch the other side.

Open your heart with Couples Camel Pose

Camel Pose Partner is a beginner level yoga pose that is performed in kneeling position. It’s a gentle backbend pose also a very good heart opener. It helps in increasing lung capacity by expanding your lung and rib cage, strengthens your back and stretches your core and quads muscles.


Come up to your knees, facing in the opposite direction.

Place one leg inside in-between the partner’s feet and one leg outside.

Inhale and bend back and rotate both hand one by one and place it on the heels or on the back up to your comfort.

Rest the head on partners shoulder bending back.

Hold the posture for 12 sec.

Seesaw Pose – for a fun filled stretch

Bring back the feeling of playing in a seesaw with your partner in birds body pose to stretch your hamstring, lengthen your spine and provide good blood circulation to the abdominal region to improve digestion.


Sit with legs straight, feet flexed and touching, Clasp hands.

One partner gently pulls back as the other leans forward. Squeeze hands or speak to your partner to indicate when to stop! Hold for 12 breaths, then return to center.

Switch roles and pull/fold in the opposite direction.

Do it a dynamic way like a seesaw gently for 6 reputation.

Couples Boat Pose

Couples Boat Pose is a yet challenging posture for the core. Trying keeping your spine straight and test your core strength with your partner. This posture helps in understanding the strength, weakness and establishes adjustability in your relationship.


Sit opposite your partner, with about 3 feet between you. Knees bent, toes meet to touch. Hold hands on the outside of your leg, match soles of feet. Together on an inhale, both partners lengthen legs into fully supported boat pose, legs forming a triangle.

Hold the pose for 12 seconds

Add a new flavour of intimacy to your romance, trying out yoga together will make couples feel more satisfied in relationship, improve trust, understanding and patients. Which are a foundation for a strong relationship to last forever.

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