COVID-19 Pandemic, Fitness And Well Being

There are many great people who have started life in difficult ways and introduced some fabulous techniques to the world because of their own disabilities or weaknesses, said Indian fitness and wellness icon, Nawaaz Modi Singhania.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught everyone that exercise is not a luxury anymore, it is an absolute necessity and life very much depends on it, said the Founder of Body Art Fitness Centres and Indian fitness and wellness icon, Nawaaz Modi Singhania, at BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40 event. 

"For the very first time, people have a very deep understanding that fitness is going to be critical for their life. What we do essentially is cardiorespiratory fitness. So, it is about cardiac and respiratory systems and immunity and not gaining weight and not having, therefore, added on commodities that you are going to do in. So, it's been a sea change," said Singhania. 

Singhania also talked about the changes in lifestyle during the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic and how her business model. She said that during the lockdown, everyone was at home, so typically it is a stay-at-home fitness. We essentially went online and spoke one on one about fitness, even our group classes etc. So, everything is substituted and whatever you have in the house becomes a piece of equipment for exercise. 

"Every single human being looks different, we think different and we all are different. The difference has got to be celebrated and acknowledged or otherwise, we are forever going to run upon one another. We are different in terms of our health, our age, our fitness levels, likes and dislikes even. And that is really important because if I hate what I am doing, I am never going to do it on a consistent basis. So, several things need to be taken into account," said Singhania while talking about why can't ‘one size fits all’ approach work for all. 

According to Singhania, fitness is also about rehab. She said that it is no good being fit if your health is broken from the inside on a variety of levels. Mental, emotional, psychological and physical fitness, it all goes together. One cannot separate your physicality from every other aspect of fitness. That is why fitness is, according to me, critically important.  

While talking about her motivation to keep moving forward, Singhania said that many of the great people have started life in difficult ways and introduced some fabulous techniques to the world because of their own disabilities or weaknesses. "That is a great motivation to remind you to not take anything for granted. You want to live a human life with a certain degree of wellness and certain quality and it requires certain maintenance," said Singhania. 

BW Businessworld organised a session on ‘Pandemic Learning 101 Fitness Isn’t A Luxury, It Is An Absolute Necessity,' as a part of its 'BW Wellbeing 40 Under 40' which took place on November 26. Singhania expressed her thoughts and perspectives during the discussion. The event was moderated by Ruhail Amin, Executive Editor, BW Applause and Everything Experiential. 

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