Burying Burnout With Yoga Et Al

Burnout is the biggest occupational threat of the 21st century. Today's work environment has buried its human dimension. Global economic pressures, along with high-tech advances such as mobiles and email have transformed the landscape decisively. Given these modern challenges, it's no wonder that our tie with our work is under regular stress.

It is becoming more usual to see how more and more people are discovering the methods to shift the way they react to stress and how practices of mind-body like yoga, meditation and dance techniques are acting a life-saving jacket for them.

These practices provide some innovative solutions, effective methods to enhance empathy, reduce stress and improve work-related issues. In some cases, the techniques are being restructured in association with daily meditation to fit the needs, depending on the work environment with the motto to achieve overall improvement of quality of life.

With my personal experience, when you step onto the yoga mat for the first time, you’re likely to feel numerous positive changes. For instance, when you're doing adho mukha asana , your mind will say, 'I can’t manage it anymore, I am tired, I want to come down now,' but if your yog Guru motivates you to hold the asana a bit longer maybe few more seconds, you find the strength to do it. At that point, you apprehend that you don't have to acknowledge every urge you feel.

With practice, this consciousness will diffuse into other areas of your life, including your work. As you learn to acknowledge the urge to act from the reaction, you begin to find that something like a cancelled meeting or to address a last-minute meeting handed to you may not jiggle you as much as it once did. In other words, you can discover stressors and call the spark before the flame. Gradually, it teaches you to gain an outlook and become more accepting of your thoughts.

The mechanism of the technique is simple. First, find a comfortable seated position, either on the floor or in a chair. Then close your eyes and try to observe the sensations in the body and the quietness within. Keeping this quietness intact inside you, feel your breath, paying attention to it for a few minutes as it enters and leaves your body. Place your index fingers on the cartilage between your cheek and ear. Gently press the cartilage, with a deep breath in and as you breathe out, keeping your mouth closed. Now, taking all your concentration on the area between your eyebrows; breath out slowly through your nose with making a loud humming sound like a bee.

Another practice that creates a non-judgmental, moment-to-moment awareness is with spiritual and philosophical dance techniques crafted with emotions called “shades within you” by Euphonic Yoga where music transcends within, being the most beautiful communicative skill, making you experience nine different emotions. As we all know, dance is the material form of music, this practice gives you the wisdom to know your inner self converting your weaknesses to your strengths. You might fall short of words but dance has the ability to explain each and every emotion, each and every mood of the music and this element quadruples the effect to banish burnout.

Remember, Learn to watch your thoughts, rather than reacting to them.


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