Bursting The Myth: Traditional Versus Modern Ways Of Taking Care Of A Newborn

Our elders have age-old ways of taking care of the babies that stem from their experiences.

The journey of parenthood is eternal bliss. It is an experience that is indescribable. But at the same time, it can be challenging as well as overwhelming since we have to be on our toes 24/7 to take care of the newborn. While our elders help guide us on this road, often there is a clash between the traditional and modern ways of newborn care!

Our elders have age-old ways of taking care of the babies that stem from their experiences. However, the millennial and the young generation have a modernistic mindset and are keen to explore innovative ways to take care of their babies. This leads to a constant battle between the two. While there is no right and wrong, both come with their distinct ideologies. In fact, both can be combined to ensure that the care of the newborn baby is top-notch!

Traditional ways to take care of the newborn

Our elders often say that holding a baby for longer durations will spoil the baby. The traditional methods of newborn care also state that the baby should not be taken outside the house as he/she will be easily prone to infections. The age-old approach also promotes bathing and massaging newborns every day to ensure development of their bodies. The seniors with their experience are often quoted saying that every time a baby cries, it is a signal to be fed.

The traditional way of taking care of newborns also instills the thoughts into the mothers that motherhood is a round-the-clock responsibility. This implies that they need to be on their toes and available for their babies 24/7. The traditional care guide also puts forth the point that the newborn care should be done primarily by the mother and other close relatives. It also states that external help comes with doubts and trust issues and is usually perceived as incapability on the mother’s behalf to take care of their baby.

Modern ways of newborn care

However, the modern newborn care guide comes with an innovative approach. It propagates that parents specifically mothers should have bonding time with babies. Spending time with the baby, holding, cuddling, and caressing them will help in developing and strengthening the bond between the mother and the baby. The young parents also prefer following the modern route of newborn baby care and believe that placing the newborns on their tummies helps in restful sleep as well as aids in the development of their necks’ and backs’ bones and muscles.

Since they research and refer to a lot of books and digital content on parenting; they are also of the view that crying can have different implications apart from hunger. Hence, they try various ways of calming the baby ranging from changing the diapers/nappies, picking up the baby and cuddling him/her, to trying to understand the reason for their discomfort, etc. The modern newborn baby care guide also enlists that motherhood need not be a full-time task. Taking care of the baby is as much the responsibility of the father as it is of the mother. Since this is a challenging journey for the mothers and they face a lot of issues ranging from psychological impact, sleep deprivation, to physical changes in the body, etc.; they deserve time off for themselves. The young parents are also vocal about the hurdles that they face and are not hesitant in seeking additional and/or external help if such a need arises!

Summing up!

In an ideal case scenario, the baby should be fed with breastmilk for at least 6 months. Even the new-age mothers are adopting this tip and prefer breastfeeding over formula or milk powder since it is rich in nutrients and contributes in building the immunity levels of the babies.

Newborn care is a crucial time period and can be confusing too since the parents especially the mothers are bombarded with advices from their loved ones with their respective ‘what's best for the baby’ opinion. While usually the modern care guide for newborns is different from the traditional methodology; but it can never contradict the age-old practices. Both come with their distinct ideologies as well as pros and cons. It is purely on the mother and the families the path that they wish to adopt. In the end, the motive of both approaches is to ensure the baby is well-taken care of and has access to a better quality of life!

The fact of the matter that remains is that the mother knows the best for her child. Hence, she should trust her motherly instincts but at the same time, should not be hesitant to seek help from elders, friends, and family whenever required!

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