Burnout faced by Entrepreneurs and how to control them

One of the communities that are immensely hit in these COVID times is that of entrepreneurs.

The coronavirus outbreak not only brought upon the country a physical health crisis but also affected the mental health of individuals. The lockdown and the social distancing norms and other safety measures impacted people emotionally and thus encouraged them to indulge in the digital micro-universe of gadgets to distract them from the social loneliness, anxiety, depression, and other issues. However, money or virtual technology cannot buy happiness, leading to people feeling more alone than ever. Even if they were with their families, people experienced the lowest of their lows. The outbreak is making individuals feel caged and helpless, and with the economy slumping lower due to the pandemic and liquidity plummeting, people across various businesses and verticals are seen going through burnouts and delving into a void. One of the communities that are immensely hit in these COVID times is that of entrepreneurs.

Most of the entrepreneurs are having a rough time keeping their ventures afloat during this crisis. Although if one observes the time when India witnessed a national lockdown and compares it with the present situation, things seem better as relaxations are being provided, and the country is reinstating the new normal. However, many businesses still haven't come to life and continue to impact the founders and entrepreneurs who have invested their blood and sweat in making it work. People feeling devoid of peace, joy, and calm is natural, considering the circumstances, but it is time that we all learn to regulate our emotions and drive them in a positive direction to empower our emotional and mental well-being. Here is how one can tread ahead on this path.

Entrepreneurs who are well settled in their line of business are often surrounded by repetitive negative thoughts, at times due to the monotony of the lifestyle or the business. Some of the entrepreneurs carry an inquisitive streak which yearns to explore more but since they never thought of pursuing another path, they tend to find it difficult to venture into new projects, both financially and emotionally. In such unprecedented times and melancholic situations, it is imperative for them to confront what they are feeling and why are their thoughts directed in a particular direction. The outbreak has made us witness quite a lot, including the clash in opinions, the sink in the economy, and the constant paranoia of falling prey to COVID; but it can all be resolved only if one remembers to calmly confront their emotions and know that they are valid.

Another thing to understand while resolving internal concerns is knowing that our well-being is interconnected in all aspects, i.e., physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our body which is the physical form of our existence is the best example to observe the coping mechanism of self and to learn how to move on. Even if one of our body parts stops working or gets ruptured, the others still function without any abrupt halts. Our tissues still consistently create new cells, irrespective of the fact that how many times are we getting hurt or injuring ourselves. The same way these are challenging times that demand our thought process to change and think beyond our mental and emotional limitations.

Verbal communication is a powerful means to vent and be understood to curb mental and emotional issues. One can always opt for therapy or counselling, which can help them reconnect to themselves and prevent bottling up of emotions. Offering positive affirmations, the sessions are bound to make them pave the path towards a healthier lifestyle and well-being.

Breathwork and chanting can help entrepreneurs resonate with themselves and drive away the repetitive negative thoughts which engulf them daily. This exercise could be embraced via pursuing kriya yoga and simple pranayama and will help in creating a space which will disseminate positive energy. Online courses of such activities can prove to be a great help as well; they will help the individuals to discipline themselves and make it a routine. Hobby-based classes and exploring new programmes and courses could be another value-addition.

Lastly, Bach flower therapy is one of the most effective ways to control the burnouts and helps in uplifting the spirit of people. Rewiring their state of mind and instilling a joyous vibe, the therapy can work wonders for the people seeking help to control their burnouts. Furthermore, a person can combine the therapy with a proper nutritious diet and physical workouts to feel more like themselves and increase their greens and Vitamin C to cope up with the burnouts.

Practising these exercises/ ways will help entrepreneurs look at life from a new lens and further empower their well-being while creating a state of peace and calm.

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