Brand Marketing Trends 2020 forecast for Organic Food Industry

A noteworthy trend that is being observed is a gradual emergence of organic food as an essential part of the daily diet among the upper class population in India.

The past decade has seen the evolution of health consciousness among people around the globe, which has resulted in a change in consumer preference and taste. A positive switch to organic food from conventionally grown food is one of the major takeaways from this shift. Though, the reason behind this shift is just not healthy living but also environment consciousness and adverse effects caused by chemical preservatives or genetically modified ingredients present in inorganic food. 

According to “India Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020”, the market for organic food in India is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 25% during 2015-20. A noteworthy trend that is being observed is a gradual emergence of organic food as an essential part of the daily diet among the upper class population in India. This trend has presented organic and FMCG brands to expand their product availability across the globe. The phenomenon of easy access has resulted in a remarkable growth globally. 

Most players in the Indian organic indutry have realised that besides health reasons, there are other factors driving organic food sales across the globe which includes increasing income levels, improving standard of living, and government initiatives aimed at encouraging widespread adoption of organic products. Amidst competition, these factors have enlightened the players to spend more cost on customer acquistion and define their marketing strategies to promote the new wave of healthy living. 

1.Plant Based and Vegan Food Products

A shift from animal based products to plant based products is a recent phenomenon. Veganism is also defined as a food choice sans animal produce such as dairy and meat. According to The Economist, there has been an increase of 550 per cent over the last five years in veganism. Many organic food companies are innovating their products to tap into a larger customer base. Such marketing strategies help companies to garner positive press and appreciation. 

2.Conscious packaging

Another interesting trend that is here to stay is the conscious product design and manufacturing. A shift from the use of single-use plastic to more environment friendly packaging is an emerging trend. Secondly, organic food companies must consider sustainable way to source and design their product, compostable packaging and delivery method.

3.Experienced based eating 

One of the most noteworthy marketing trends that are on the rise is the experienced based eating. In fact, Organic food brands in India must start marketing this trend and offer an experience to the consumer. Brands must not underestimate the significance of highlighting benefits like sustainable packaging, ingredient quality, convenience, nutrition and flavor.

4. Social media is pivotal in new age marketing

According to a research, with the ease of Internet access, the number of social media users in India stood at 326.1 million in 2018 and are expected to be almost 448 million in 2023. Therefore, organic food marketeers must unleash the power and the reach of social media to expand their consumer base. From spreading awareness to proving an experience with sharing unique receipes could be the starting points. 

5. Brand Mascot to be relatable

Growing companies are innovating their approach to be more relatable to the new consumer. Brand mascot introduction is a smart way to spread awareness while making the brand more humane. Mascots help in strengthening the company’s identity among key stakeholders.

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