Be Debt Free To Free Your Spirit

Being in debt is a complicated situation and there is no easy solution to it except to be free of it

The most important aspect of living in this material world is money. When we cannot make enough of it or don't possess enough money to buy everything that we want we resort to borrowing. This puts us in a position of having to repay the person. In this way life becomes a process of simply repaying the debt that we have created for ourselves.

It feels like a cycle of painful living where we continue to struggle to become debt free. This means that we leave the planet without truly enjoying this existence. There are also many situations where we may borrow money from a person and never repay them for it. And we do this because we think that nobody is watching as so we don't have to be accountable to anybody else. However, the universe has a way of balancing the scales and ensuring that everything that you have to give will be extracted from you by whatever means necessary. 

This is simply the law of the universe which is a science in itself and the process by which everything works. This is very similar to the nourishment that you give your body. How well nourished you are, will determine the amount of energy you will have to expend.

Borrowing heavily or going into debt can be considered to be a very heavy block for oneself. By this we lose integrity; the values that we have worked very hard to build up and also the positivity of spiritual living. Being in debt is a complicated situation and there is no easy solution to it except to be free of it. Since this is not an appropriate form of behaviour we may sometimes wonder how people or the persons involved in creating debt have the courage to do these negative actions. 

This is because the moment the person performs such deeds he sends a signal or a message to his inner self that this is the way of life which he prefers to live. This becomes a loop and if not handled in time, it could ruin your existence. Thus, it is vital to remain debt free so you can keep your spirit free and blissful.

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