BW Wellbeing World Magazine Unveiling

The unveiling of the BW World Leadership Takes and 40 under 40 issue took place at The Festival of Wellbeing followed by the BW Wellbeing World 40 under 40 awards.

On 26th November, 2021 at The Imperial in New Delhi, the BW Wellbeing World Magazine was unveiled during The Festival of Wellbeing. This issue was very special as it included profiles and gave recognition to all the nominees for the BW Well Being World 40 under 40 Awards.

Comprising of a plethora of content related to wellbeing, the magazine highlighted all the winner and non-winners in it. It was launched by the eminent speakers and guests – (L to R) Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra Ji, Sister BK Shivani, His Grace Gaur Gopal Das, Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Daksha Bharadwaj, Shri Sujit Kumar, Shashi Bhushan Dubey, Luke Coutinho, S. Ravi and Dr. Annurag Batra. 

There were columns by fine writers related to the theme of the magazine – “Wellbeing in the digital Age”. It included a book review and columns which highlighted wellbeing in the digital age. With Luke Coutinho on the cover and his interview by Dr. Annurag Batra, the content was followed strictly towards a holistic view on Wellbeing. 

The pandemic was obviously written about as it has affected the globe for almost 2 years and in this digital age how people carried on with their lives along with survival strategies during the lockdown. People lost loved ones and the pandemic really tested everyone to come to a new normal as of now. 

The digital technology during the pandemic was a blessing. It enabled teleconsultations, online classes for children and most importantly the work from home system. The winner’s profiles and pictures were a part of it along with the non-winner’s profiles too. What it also comprised of was the facts of the pandemic affecting mankind.

On a conclusive note the launch was of grand success and the elated winners (and the non-winners also) appreciated it. 


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