Art And The Mind

Viewing, analyzing, and producing art all activate the brain in significant and long-term ways

Art may transport us to other locations or into distant history. It can evoke intense emotions and profound ideas, as well as just wow us with its aesthetic splendor. Everyone's approach to art is unique, yet its power to move us is undeniable. This is due to the powerful effect that art may have on our neural network. Viewing, analyzing, and producing art all activate the brain in significant and long-term ways.

How the Brain Is affected by art?

“When we create art, a lot changes in our brains and bodies, and it may be utilised to relax our nerves when we are stressed”, explains visual artist Aarrti Zaveri.

Making art is good for everyone. Here is why you should enhance the artist in you:

· Reduces stress: While research about art therapy is still underway, many people are discovering that participating in art therapy reduces anxiety. Making art may lower cortisol levels in both artists and people who do not identify as artists, so no matter your ability level, everyone can gain from it.

· It improves focus: Art can improve your awareness, and it can activate a variety of networks, such as a relaxed reflective state, focused attention, and pleasure.

· Evokes emotions: Art therapy can help anyone who is experiencing distress decrease anxiety and enhance coping skills, and those who are facing serious distress can be guided through the process by a professional art therapist. Through art, you have the opportunity to give voice to your feelings and memories. Art can provide a feeling of relief that is cathartic.

· It helps in improving decision-making abilities. As a predictive machine, our brain makes decisions on what we need to do next based on what has happened. The process of creating art enables you to make decisions and interpret images, discover meaning, and learn how to imagine a better future for yourself.

In addition to intuitive analysis, expressivity, and embodied cognition, art utilizes many advanced processes of the human brain. This may be related to the fact that artists often observe better and have better memories, which may be explained by how art affects the brain's plasticity.

So, start creating, as art is nothing less than medicine for your brain. Happy reading!

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