Are you a Worrier or a Warrior?

Crisis always throws us out of comfort and known coping mechanism. It churns new situations, new experiences and creates a need for more in-depth exploration of shifts in coping mechanisms and growth

The current crisis has displaced many of our families, friends and acquaintances. We get impacted by stories of how people are stranded, students are stuck, and parents are desperately trying to unite with their children.

Crisis always throws us out of comfort and known coping mechanism. It churns new situations, new experiences and creates a need for more in-depth exploration of shifts in coping mechanisms and growth.

The word 'crisis' originated from the Greek word 'krinein’ (decide) to ‘’krisis’ (decision), the general sense of the meaning is ‘decisive point’.

So the purpose of any crisis is to bring out new decision-making moments and perspectives. As we all know to bring out unique, we have to let go of some of the old. Letting go is one of the most gruelling responses to achieve, thus suffering is attached to any crisis.

A crisis is always transformative as it brings out fears of survival by tapping into our most primal instincts. Our natural reaction is to worry about the uncertainty linked to our survival.

Let us explore what is a worry, and how does it manifest in our life?

Sangeeta Maheshwari

Even science has proven that we are all bundles of energy and keep shifting our energy into different forms to create different outcomes through our thoughts, words or actions. Each time we steer our energy in a particular direction, it impacts our mind, body and spirit.

Worry is concentrated thoughts towards our doubts and fears. When we do not wish something to happen, we worry about it. Without being conscious of it, we imagine the scenario we do not want to manifest and send concentrated energies towards it through our thoughts. Our Thoughts are powerful, and we manifest them through Law of attraction, Law of abundance and many other Universal Laws.

So, when you worry about losing your job and get consumed by it, you are unconsciously sending powerful energy towards making it happen.

Have you heard of the saying, “what you resist, persists"? That is because the more energy we put towards the resistance, the more we are concentrating towards realising that outcome.

Emotions are energy in motion, and they vibrate at different frequencies. When we focus on any emotion, we start to absorb that vibration or frequency within our body, mind and spirit and vibrate on it. That is why we feel sad and drained when we worry.

Similarly, love courage prayers are all forms of energy. When we connect with these emotions, we vibrate on their frequency which is much higher. Based on how deep our belief is in our outcome, we manifest our reality.

So when we send courage, love and healing to our loved ones and concentrate all our energies towards a similar outcome, we send empowered energy to ourselves and our loved ones. Not only do we become warriors, but also feed and nourish others telepathically to become warriors.

Having said that it does not mean we suppress our worries, it means we channel our worries and concerns to a higher frequency of love, courage and faith and visualise the best outcome for their safety, good health and happiness.

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