Aligned Thoughts Do Matter

Have you lately gone through a jumbled up project report with altered details, mismatched values or even a non-conclusive one? Ever wondered about the unfocused mind who’s worked on it? It’s quite a task to rearrange that report again and derive something concrete out of it.

I am in one such profession where I get to meet emotionally unorganised people, almost regularly. The only difference is that I don’t have to check their chaotic reports. But I do have to hear their mismatched thoughts, their jumbled up personal situations and assess their confused inner alignments. 

Ironically they’re a set of seemingly confident individuals who think that they’re not so all-over-the-place and can really handle this alarming situation for some more time. Seriously?

If I were to infer it, I’d say that our thoughts start mixing up to a level of imbalance, when we don’t disentangle them on a regular basis or address them, from the day they get stored in our minds.

The closest example to highlight this would be a complexed case of my client, Yasmin, a talented singer and a professional radio artist. 

Her everyday routine was closely packed. Her experiences day in and day out were so many, that she never had the time to arrange these overwhelming thoughts in her mind. Days went by and there were certain impactful things, both personal and professional, which started disturbing her mind, after a few months. Had they been addressed at that time, this cascading impact wouldn’t have happened. She is going through a complicated life pattern currently and is no longer aligned to any of those thoughts of her past, but they still cling on to her and disturb her time and again, much against her will. All of this is obviously beyond her immediate comprehension. 

Our mind has a unique capacity to bundle up unprocessed layers. We can skilfully attach multiple personalities and multiple thought processes to ourselves at the same time. This, we build over years, unknowingly. Not that it does not solve that person’s problem of handling any situation, but what it does to a person is to keep him disillusioned and push him very far from what his real, actual self is. And we don’t even think there’s ever going to be a problem of disassociation.

Only when it messes with our mind, do we realise the trauma it can cause. Unaligned thoughts with our core personality is a bane. We are not centred anymore and that leads to everyday health menace such as stress, over thinking, nervous disorders and a possible break down. 

Even medically, the Dissociative Identity Disorder (earlier known as multiple personality disorder) is known to occur as a reaction to trauma, to help a person avoid past bad memories. This is similar to adding multiple layers in your personality and escaping the current one without stopping by to address it, most importantly there and then.

How does one preempt this or simplify themselves? Is there a common generic way to even treat this or it’s just case to case? These questions have dwelled upon us for a long time, especially without the answers. Some convincing answers will have to be found out for the betterment of a lot of lost people, who are in search of it desperately. 

In the meanwhile, if we are looking at curbing this mental and emotional onslaught as soon as it starts spreading its wings, we could make ourselves aware of a few noteworthy details:

-Do not get personally attached to every conversation 

-Keep yourself detached in a given situation

-Always review the day before retiring to bed

-Simplify your thoughts before communicating 

-Learn to say no and offload yourself mostly

These are possibly the most focused steps to follow on a routine basis provided we are wired for working on a better life. While all of this may be under control, but there are things in life which are in the ‘force majeure’ category too. How does one go about handling them after a close tryst? For that kind of a situation, one can pre-study these points as a reckoner:

-One must lie low after experiencing trauma like situation. 

-At a convenient pace, work on just one thing at a time.

-Anything similar to the past can be avoided for obvious reasons.

-Lost self-esteem can be restored by infusing self-confidence, taking baby steps. 

-Never ever feel like a victim, it can take you back to where you came from.

To feel centred and aligned, we all need just a few common emotional commitments, of staying true to our challenges, our weaknesses and focused to our inner desire to come out of the situation. Wearing a pretence and avoiding to address the situation can make things worse and in the process scatter our thoughts. Only if Yasmin had decided in the past to take a mindful pause, her life could have been managed differently.

There is actually no tearing hurry in life and you can still try holding yourself together, every single day, stay aligned, soulful, organised and unpretentious to your thoughts.

It will lead you to a steady winning situation, always.

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