7 causes of stress and how to beat them

Stress is not in reality a rocket science problem. Its answer does not lie in prayers, meditation, or pilgrimages. God can’t help you with stress. Stress is created by you, & hence needs to be solved by you.

Do you know 1 wish which nearly every person in this planet would want ? The answer would be to have a life without stress.

Stress is not in reality a rocket science problem. Its answer does not lie in prayers, meditation, or pilgrimages. God can’t help you with stress. Stress is created by you, & hence needs to be solved by you. 

Let us study 7 causes of stress & therein address its solution :

1. EGO

Ego gives you a superiority complex. To keep up your false sense of pride, you need to constantly prove to yourself you are above others. To do this, you downgrade others, become arrogant, & hence butter your ego. You have created stress for yourself. Destroy ego.


You are jealous of others success. You have now entered the rat race. You cannot bear good things happening to others. You want it all for yourself. Jealousy has destroyed your human virtues. Stress is building up. Put an end to jealousy.


The lust for wealth destroys values & makes people do wrong things with no fear of its consequences. Greed makes men behave like animals. In the pursuit of money, relationships are destroyed, words have no value, trust gets broken. Greed leads to the build up of stress as it defies wisdom that you go to your grave naked, & empty handed. Destroy the selfishness of greed, give to others, & live stress free. 


Often in life, we are facing a deep financial debacle. We could be on the verge of losing our fortune, or maybe at another extreme have great difficulty at even feeding one’s stomach. The uncertainty of money causes stress. Enjoy simple pleasures of life, don’t make money your God instead make it your servant, & let destiny enact its role in your life. Work hard, enjoy life, let the hand of God play the game of money roulette in your life. Be a mental winner, by willing to be a money loser.


Physical health is very important to enjoy a comfortable life. Heath is the greatest wealth. But many people live with compromised health conditions. Furthermore many others are facing life-threatening conditions. What should they do ? Besides medicines, & treatment, they need mental conditioning. The 1st thing to do is to have patience, & the 2nd thing is to let go or willingness to lose even your life.


Bad relationships cause huge stress. There is anger, venom, mistrust in our interactions. How do we repair this ? Through the practice of human values. Give an extra dose of love, be grateful, forgive fast, remain humble, help others, speak the truth, & be patient in difficulties. Suddenly, through the practice of human values your relationships will improve & stress reduce.


The last cause of stress is fall in social status. Suddenly there is a threat to your reputation. You maybe on the verge of getting exposed in a corruption case, or some bad secret of yours will now be known to the world, or some other thing which will cause an embarrassment to you. What will you do ? How will you explain your point of view to the world, if there is any ? Suddenly you will lose many friends. How will you deal with this ? The only way to deal with this is to keep a low profile, let time be the greatest healer, & have trust in yourself, & respect who you really are. Don’t bother about the world, & it’s opinions, share your life with those who love you.

Stress can’t be blamed on external factors alone. Because this life is a test for all of us. We all go through the downs of life, & all of us our being tested whether we are using our hidden potential to overcome this test. Be a fighter. Beat stress by looking inwards. Stress is not about how things are outside of you, but how you are feeling about them inside of you. The lovely pink rose could bring joy to your eyes, but it’s thorns could cause fear & stress in you while holding it. Stress is in the mind. Don’t treat it with chemicals. It’s all artificial boosting. Stress is best treated with the natural gift of directing your mind towards a more positive outlook. If you feel happy, & positive all the time, you will forget even how to spell stress. Let your life be bless, gently love in your heart press, so that your mind is not in a mess, with the sad smell of stress. Happiness is your birthright, because your mind is so bright, that it knows how to shut stress’ blinding light.

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