5 Tips to Keep Children Healthy During Monsoon

It is super important that children have a good and balanced diet throughout the year, especially during vulnerable periods like the monsoon season

Monsoon is almost here, and while it might be a time of fun and frolic for children, it can even result in sickness if proper precautions are not maintained. Since children are more susceptible to viruses and bacteria than adults, some measures must be taken to prevent diseases. Ahead are a few tips that will help children enjoy this season without creating any additional stress for the parents.

Keep diet healthy and balanced

Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in the diet so that children can stay healthy and active. You can add fresh fruit juices and milk to your child’s diet that will help keep them hydrated. Some other items like ginger, tulsi, honey, turmeric, lemon, and sweet potato are also good additions that you can make to a child’s diet.

Avoid street and processed foods

Since many of the diseases during the monsoon are waterborne, outside foods should be avoided. Since humid and wet atmospheres are ideal for bacteria breeding, it is best to stick to fresh, home-cooked meals. While it is okay to eat restaurant food occasionally, it is best to stick to clean and hygienic places so that illness can be avoided.

Wash hands and maintain personal hygiene

The importance of washing hands cannot be overstated, as was evident during the COVID-19 period. Hygiene measures, including washing of hands and daily baths, are always recommended so that children stay clean and healthy. When they come from outside, make sure your children wash their hands properly so that viruses and bacteria do not spread illness in the family.

Buy rain gear for your child

Umbrellas, raincoats, and boots are required by children, especially when they go to school/outside. Ensure they do not step outside the house without these items, as rains can sometimes be erratic, and it is better to be prepared than to be caught unaware due to the showers.

Wear loose clothing to protect from mosquitoes

Mosquitoes breed in the rainy season, and children are very vulnerable to them as they spend many hours outside. Since mosquitoes can cause dangerous infections like dengue and malaria, it is best to make sure your child wears loose, full sleeves clothing that does not leave skin exposed. It is best to use mosquito nets and child-safe mosquito repellent creams at night so that mosquitoes do not bite anyone in the family.

Lastly, children must take their regular vaccination shots so that they do not get any diseases that are preventable. Also, remember to keep the child away from a sick parent or any relative as they are extra vulnerable to getting infected from them. If you are still confused/worried about your child’s health, it is best to consult a doctor/paediatrician for any specific advice and guidance.

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