5 Timeless Life Lessons From Aristotle

Let’s see what the ancient Greek Philosopher had to say about life!

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5 Timeless Life Lessons From Aristotle

Nandita Kochar

Let’s see what the ancient Greek Philosopher had to say about life!

  1. Pain Is Essential 
Aristotle believed that to learn something important, one had to exert both physically and mentally. And many a times, this effort towards learning involved pain. He encouraged us to embrace this pain and see its bright side: the learning. Apart from the knowledge bit, Aristotle also thought that undergoing pain made one more resilient for what is to come. So what seemed like a very hurtful breakup back in the day is now your strength and guide in your current relationship. 

  1. The Antidote To Fifty Enemies Is One Friend
You many have thousands of people against you but if you have just one friend who truly believes in you and your capabilities, then you can overcome anything in life. Aristotle realized the importance of having such a friend after he lost his student, Alexander The Great, to war. 

  1. Knowing Yourself Is The Starting Point For All The Wisdom
We may understand all there is to know about this world but if we do not understand who we are, then the entire task’s a failure. We must pay attention to our thoughts, feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, hobbies in order to navigate better through the world. 

  1. Entertain Others’ Thoughts, Even If You Don’t Accept Them
It is always possible for us to listen and soak in somebody else’s thoughts without having to accept them. We must not outrightly reject what they think because it doesn’t match with what we believe in. We owe them the courtesy and respect to at least listen to their thoughts. And who knows we might end up polishing our own views in the process.

  1. It Is During The Darkest Of The Times That We Must Focus On The Light
There is no time more apt than a dark and difficult one to be optimistic. We can see such times as troubling and feel bad about the situation. And after that is done we can focus on the good, the growth that is possible out of such a phase of life. And doing that takes a lot of courage and intent!


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