5 Quick Tips To Manage Your Anger

Ready to get your anger monster under control? Use these five tips along the way!

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5 Quick Tips To Manage Your Anger

Nandita Kochar

Ready to get your anger monster under control? Use these five tips along the way:


  1. Think Before You Speak
In the heat of the moment, one can say things one cannot take back later on, now matter how hard one tries. So whenever you detect anger bubbling up inside of you, just about to come out, take a deep breath couple of times. Pause. Don’t vomit whatever comes to your mouth via your mind. 


  1. Once Calm, Express Your Anger
When you’ve regained your calmness, state your concerns in an assertive and non-confrontational way, without hurting others or trying to control them. 


  1. Exercise
Regular physical activity like running, jogging, skipping and what not, can help reduce the stress that later manifests itself as anger. So whenever you feel yourself piling up anger in a corner, waiting to explode, exercise!


  1. Timeouts
Timeouts aren’t only for kids playing hide and seek. Give yourself short breaks during the day so that you can catch your breath and pull yourself together for the stress that is about to come your way. 


  1. Work On Finding Possible Solutions
After you are done feeling angry, instead of continuing to mull over the feeling, identify what triggered you in the first place and come up with possible solutions to address the same. Just expressing your anger will not help you, you’ll have to protect yourself from future triggers by identifying and addressing them right now.

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