5 Eco Friendly Gifting Options For Diwali

The world is making conscious choices and with the festive season engulfing us, amongst all the negativity there is a visible spread of awareness and an initiative to make this Diwali, a happy one for the environment as well.

The festive season is incomplete without gifts for your relatives, friends, or employees. The spirit of Diwali is lit by a number of factors – beautiful diyas, fairy lights, sweets and, of course, exchanging gifts. Though the pandemic situation is still on and despite being socially distant, none of us want to compromise on gifting. 

The world is making conscious choices and with the festive season engulfing us, amongst all the negativity there is a visible spread of awareness and an initiative to make this Diwali, a happy one for the environment as well. Here are a few eco-friendly gifting options for Diwali which will make this day memorable.

  1. Innovative consumer product:

Livpure RO - A frontrunner in delivering healthy and sustainable living has recently launched world's 1st Water Purifier with 70% water recovery. Perfect for eco-friendly gifting options this will save around 20,000 liters of water per household per year, thereby contributing in a big way in conserving water in India and across many countries in the world. The product will be available in PAN India and the MRP of Zinger is INR 18990 and Platino + copper – INR 22000.

  1. Plastic free cutlery:

Cutlery set comes in use when you have to host a Diwali party. From deciding the guest list, serving food in glass/borosil plate may become a heavy task since people often tend to overlook the volume of plastic waste that is generated through one-time use cutlery. By gifting eco-friendly cutlery, you lessen the burden of plastic waste and take care of the environment. Price range starting from around Rs. 200/-.

  1. Eco friendly air Purifier:

Non-electric air purifiers are budget friendly that you can buy for your homes or gift someone without worrying about your electricity bill going too high. You can opt from these popular sustainable air purifiers which are easily available in the market. To name a few are: Oxypure, Eco Nation, Breathe Fresh Vayu Natural Activated Charcoal Air Purifying bag, etc. Price range starting from around Rs. 500/-

  1. Sustainable masks:

If you wish to make your Diwali gifts trendy yet timeless, sustainable and personalised accessories like face masks, which is the need of the hour, might be your best bet. You can opt from brands like Vistaprint which provides personalised face masks and personalised cotton hand gloves where you can add a design of your choice.  It is cost effective, washable and reusable. Price range starting from Rs. 50/- per unit.

  1. Eco friendly Geyser:

The Airier Eco Geyser is 100% reliable for day-to-day domestic use as it has zero maintenance, lower fuel cost, energy saving as it will give 50 litres of hot water from 1 kilogram of waste. It runs on biomass, i.e., domestic waste, paper, pieces of wood, garbage, dried cow-dung, sugarcane bagasse, sawdust, groundnut/coconut shells, agro/forest waste, etc. Also, the unused hot water retains heat for a subsequent period of 24 hours due to the special insulation provided, which makes it an economic, yet effective water heating solution. The Geyser will be a good investment as its price ranges between Rs. 10000 and Rs.13000.


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