5 Easy Wall Stretches To Relieve Back Pain

If you want to prevent back pain, it is important to pay attention to your posture, ensure you are keeping active and not overdoing it at work.

We all experience back pain at some point in our lives which indirectly hampers are daily routines.

Some of the common factors that ultimately lead to back pain and tension is stress and wrong posture caused. The pandemic has currently build on the stress among people and has further forced people to work from home, thereby spending most of their time sitting in front of their laptops. If you want to prevent back pain, it is important to pay attention to your posture, ensure you are keeping active and not overdoing it at work.

So we have all heard that our back can greatly benefit from stretching and there are many props such as blocks, bands etc that can help elevate the exercises, but do you know we all have an amazing prop within our homes, at our disposal which give us the freedom to go deeper into our stretches. Well, it is the four walls of our homes.

The wall gives you the much needed support to balance especially if you’re a beginner and make stretching easier and convenient. It also gives your pelvis and back proper alignment. Here are nine simple, at-home wall stretches to relax sore back muscles that you can do anytime:

Legs Up the wall

This stretch is great for beginners and those looking to relax. Among many benefits, it helps improve low back tightness and discomfort and relaxes the mind. Begin by sitting with your side against the wall, knees bent and your feet drawn in toward your hips. Now lift your legs up against the wall, facing towards the ceiling, while lying on your back. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings. Hold this position for 15 mins and release gently by pushing yourself away from the wall

Wall Sits

This is a great stretch for those suffering with lower back pain. Start by standing with your back against the wall. Ensure your feet is shoulder-width apart and about two feet out from the wall. Now keeping your core engaged, slide your back down slowly against the wall until your knees are bent and you are in a 90 degree angle. How this position for a 20 seconds and then carefully slide back up to standing position. Repeat 8-10 times

Runners Lunge

This stretch helps to relieve low back pain which is caused due to tight hip flexors. This may be a result of sitting too much. It also helps to increase hip mobility. Start by standing with your feet hip width apart. Now get into a lunge position. While bending your right knee, extend your left foot behind you and slide the top of your shin up the wall, keeping your knees close so you don’t feel much discomfort. Hold this position for 30 seconds and switch legs.

Side Bend

This stretch can help loosen the muscles between your ribs, which can cause back pain and hamper your breathing. Start by standing and placing your right palm on the wall. Step a few feet away until your arm is straight and your wrist is in line with your shoulder. Now take your left arm over your head so that your fingers touch the wall and gently push your hips to the left. Stay in this position for 30 second and then switch sides

Knee to chest

It helps ease tightness in the hip flexors, which can lead to lower back pain. Start with your back against the wall and your feet about a one-foot distance from the wall. Now lift your right knee towards your chest. Hold your knee with your hands and pull it up and in. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

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