2021 – The Year Of Personal Freedom

Opportunities that were invisible, seem to appear, suddenly. Curb impulsive spends on your credit card or short-term gains. Finances are likely to be favourable. Start-ups may find ray of light.

The Universal year 2020 had the vibrational energy of 4 (2+0+2+0) which created the need to course correct, re-evaluate and move away from extravagance to conscientious living. Wealth, health and business came into focus.

2021 with the energy of 5 (2+0+2+1) is about change, communication, creativity and personal freedom. Expect unexpected events that free your true spirit. Adaptability and openness to changes, will pave the way for new business opportunities.

Ways to Leverage the Universal Year’s No 5 energy:

  • Cut your losses
  • Take calculated risks
  • Be a rebel but with a cause
  • Don’t underestimate the power of self-promotion
  • Prioritise and pace yourself

2021 will influence your life through your Personal Year Number.

How to determine your Personal Year Number for 2021?

To arrive at your Personal Year (PY), add your birthday + birth month + the Universal Year which, in this case it is 2+0+2+1 = 5.

12.2.2021 = 1+2+2+2+0+2+1 = 10

Further break down the double digits till they arrive at a single digit.

10 = 1+0 =1

In this case, your Personal Year is 1.

Personal Year 1: New beginning

How you operate this year will influence your long-term business goals and vision of the future. Take initiative, launch a new venture, start a new project, learn something new or meet new people. Not the time for new partnerships. Rely on yourself. Opportunities that were invisible, seem to appear, suddenly. Curb impulsive spends on your credit card or short-term gains. Finances are likely to be favourable. Start-ups may find ray of light.

Personal Year 2: Collaboration

Cooperation, tact and patience, highlight this year. Don’t expect instant gratification. Work on what you started, last year instead of venturing into new projects. Joint venture, partnerships and collaborations may prove more fruitful. Money management, may pose some challenge. Be cautious in trusting people with crucial information. Hold on to decisions related to property. Businesses connected with human resources, teaching, child care, nursing and others may see an upswing.

Personal Year 3: Creativity

You will find business circumstances, fairly favourable. A flow of creative ideas may attract potential projects or opportunities for business expansion. A surprising gain, recognition or a promotion, is a possibility; provided your efforts are focussed on your goal. Try to make work as light-hearted as possible. Those in media may see the sales curve move up. Keep a check on extravagance. A good time to make a change.

Personal Year 4: Security

Reset and re-evaluate your perspective towards money, career and health if you still haven’t. Expect hard work, unprecedented shifts and added financial responsibilities. It’s a profitable year for solid investments. Property matters will yield benefits if you toe the line. Make sure you read the fine print. Clinging to a job/project that is not beneficial may force you to leave it or result in your exit. Patience is key.

Personal Year 5: Freedom

Business entrepreneurs taking calculated risks, are likely to gain economic benefits. A change in residence, work, or business situation, is likely. Any type of promotion would be profitable to improve sales. You tend to work better under the pressure of deadlines. The biggest challenge this year, will be to remain focused on long-term goals and streamline important projects. Take care not to overcommit or overextend yourself.

Personal Year 6: Responsibility

A positive year for finance with the possibility of favours via past connections. With the burden of responsibilities forced upon you, learn to delegate. Keep away from impulse financial and legal decisions. If you are looking to buy, refurbish your home or invest in art, go ahead. Businesses in coaching, design and art will do well. Go easy on the need for perfection.

Personal Year 7: Research

A good time for intellectual thinking and personal development. A slow year that tests your faith and resilience. Delays are expected so do not force issues or chase money, obsessively. Review your sales process. Invest in research and technology for business growth to profit from new projects. Watch your back and steer clear of politics and vet new projects, thoroughly. Expect some form of award or recognition.

Personal Year 8: Wealth

Victory is yours if you focus on the big picture to reap the dividends of your efforts. Act on your business and career plans, do ‘big’ things and bring in the money! Time for resourcefulness, modesty, flexibility and hard work. Expect sealing some major deal. Long-term investments and property will be fruitful. Be open to share your wealth and success. No place for ego, pride and rigidity. While vetting people or projects, trust but verify.

Personal Year 9: Completion

It is a year of taking stock. Projects that are stuck will either find conclusion or be shelved. Victory comes to you if you keep your resolve. Gaining financially through people of influence, is likely. Competitive businesses or tenders may work in your favour. Opportunities for offshore earnings, an inheritance, travel, humanitarian work, are a possibility. Great time to build your network capital. Keep a close eye on your finances


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