2019 Has Passed By In A Blink, Have You Taken Up Yoga Yet?

Yoga is a lifestyle that was discovered 500 decades ago. Since then it has served as a means of physical exercise, mental calmness and as a guide in the soul's search for life purpose to millions. In the 19th century, yoga was unveiled to the West. Yoga has been passed through generations and undergone alterations and modifications during each era.

Though the core of the practice remains intact, yoga has always found a way to adapt to the lifestyle of the practitioner. Earlier the sages used to practice yoga for hours through meditation and asanas, today we have quick workouts that can be practiced in the limited time slots the sedentary life allows. 

But even though the yoga lifestyle has time and again proven itself to be useful and beneficial to the basic quality of life, we tend to turn a blind eye towards its wonders.

Yoga has reaffirmed itself as a holistic lifestyle for the wellness of mind, body, and soul. The proofs of yoga being a holistic wellness lifestyle are not only through word of mouth but also backed by science. According to studies, yoga increases the level of GABA in the human body. GABA is a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages through the brain and the nervous system. It has a calming effect and helps with disorders like anxiety, depression amongst others. The practice of yoga has been known to elevate the levels of GABA in the brain resulting in the increase of “happy neurotransmitters”.

Yoga has proven itself to increase mental wellness and better the mental health of a practitioner. Better sleep, reduced stress, mental clarity, increased awareness, confidence, focus, etc have known to be the mental benefits of the regular practice of yoga. 

Physically yoga asanas show that it works not only on one but all parts of the body, yoga has solutions for almost all bodily pains. It seamlessly works on the joints and muscles at the same time. The level of yoga advances as you evolve in your practice. Some myths and misconceptions surround yoga as a slow practice, or a lifestyle of select few, which makes us question the credibility of this lifestyle.

And we end up asking ourselves” why yoga?” 

Why should I choose yoga as a lifestyle? How does this “slow” exercise help in achieving my fitness goals? 

The answer lies in trying it for yourself! Unless you’ve given yoga a chance you will never know why you should choose yoga as a regular practice. All changes take time, but the important step is to start. The year 2019 has passed us by in a blink and this ancient, wise lifestyle awaits to be chosen, to be given a chance, to be utilized to enhance our way of living. 

Have you given yoga a chance yet? Have you adopted the yoga lifestyle? If not, what’s stopping you?

Yoga has all the solutions it can offer us for the problems we face in the modern sedentary lives that we live in. It relieves stress from the everyday workload, it gives us the courage to accept ourselves and let go of our insecurities. The meditative techniques combined with yoga asanas enable us to truly know ourselves, love ourselves and uncover our life’s purpose. In a shorter-term, ‘Yoga connects you with you!’

It is a secret superpower that can be accessed by us only if we proactively take the first step and are open to accepting the positive changes it will bring to us.

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