'Karma: Why everything you know about it is wrong’ by Acharya Prashant

The book is already available for sale from online portals like Amazon, and will be hitting the book stores in July 2021

Often the term Karma is used to expound the concept of the transactional nature of actions – good deeds lead to favorable results and bad deeds lead to bad outcomes. Western philosophers and modern-day thinkers have come up with multitudes of books and wisdom literature that teaches humanity to follow the ‘rules or laws of Karma’ to attain success, fame, and money. Some link it with the pseudo-scientific ideas of astrology and reincarnation that may seem attractive to the curious human mind initially, but in reality, the prescriptions arising out of them have done more harm than good.

Penguin Random House – a leading book publisher across the globe is all set to present a landmark book on the oft-discussed but rarely understood topic of Karma. The book - ‘Karma: Why everything you know about it is wrong’ is authored by Acharya Prashant, the spiritual teacher and Vedantic philosopher and seeks to shatter unscientific notions and offer a fresh perspective on the true idea of Karma. 

Acharya Prashant’s new book – ‘Karma: Why everything you know about it is wrong’ is firmly rooted in Vedantic legacy but at the same time practical enough to adopt in one’s daily life. It is poised to be a promising offering in the spirituality and self-help genre. 

Shreya Punj, commissioning editor at Penguin Random House India says, “I am honoured to be publishing Acharya Prashant’s book in July this year. Acharya Ji is best known for bringing spirituality to his followers with a strong focus on building a scientific temperament as well. In this book, he answers pertinent questions around doing the right thing, the principle of Karma as espoused in the Gita and it is a life-altering book.”

‘Karma: Why everything you know about it is wrong’ is conceived keeping in mind the existing gaps in the understanding of the concept. The book elucidates on the idea of Karma and sheds light on the reality of action and the actor in the context of real-world everyday problems and the role of right decisions therein. It promises to make the reader’s journey enjoyable by making use of relatable circumstances and historical and philosophical references. In the current world of uncertainty and difficult times ahead, this book on Karma can serve as a much-needed dose of wisdom for our overall well-being.


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