“Grow Younger & Live Longer: By Invoking Newness in You” during Covid era.

From a very long time, all over the world there has been only one quest in the human mind, that is, the search for the fountain of the eternal youth or Newness or the miracle antidote for ageing.

What is Newness?

Each and every cell in our body has capability and memory of renewal or wholeness when we are able to revive and retain this capability and memory of renewal by maintaining the integrity and infinite intelligence of a cell, is what we call as Newness. This Newness has healing potential. Ageing on the contrary is defined as a process in which the cell looses the memory of renewal or wholeness and thus become old.

“People grow and die because they see others growing old and dying”.

“People don’t grow old, they become old when they stop growing”.

Health, by World Health Organisation, is defined as a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual welbeing and not just merely the absence of disease. From the mind body perspective, Health is an optimal integration of body, mind, spirit, soul and environment. Environment is our extended body. There is also a nice vedic expression, which says, “As is the atom, so is the universe, As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm, As is the universal body, so is the cosmic body, As is the universal mind, so is the cosmic mind”. “As is the thought, so is the mind, as is the mind, so is the body and as is the body, so is the environment and as is the environment within you and outside you, so is your world and as is your world within you and outside you so is your Newness.

Oldness to Newness

Living from the level of consciousness adds life to years and not years to life. This is possible by mind body and optimum lifestyle intervention including regular meditation, yoga, exercise, pranayam, consuming sattvic diet, perfect sleep, becoming embodiment of positive emotions, managing stress in a very subtle manner, not consuming junk food and poisons such as tobacco or alcohol or addiction forming drugs etc. may help generating “Newness in us”.

How do we classify Newness?

Newness can be classified as 1.) Chronological Newness 2.) Biological Newness 3.) Psychological Newness, 4) Emotional Newness 5) Environmental Newness 6) Spiritual Newness

Chronological Newness: Chronological Newness is calendar Newness. Our chronological Newness is a measure of number of rotations earth has performed on its axis and around the Sun since we left our mother’s womb. Mind Body Approach cannot alter our Chronological Newness.

Biological Newness: Biological Newness refers to “how good you look”. It is calculated with reference to an average population of the same Chronological Newness. The markers of biological Newness are known as biomarkers and these markers are:

Biological Markers of Newness

· Colour of hair – Premature graying represents oldness and blackness of hair represents Newness.

· Hearing Capacity (Hearing threshold) – Premature diminution of hearing represents oldness and preservation of hearing threshold represents Newness.

· Visual capacity (Visual threshold) – Premature formation of cataract represents oldness and maintaining the integrity of lens represents Newness.

· Fall of teeth – Premature fall of teeth represents oldness and preservation of teeth represents Newness.

· Wrinkles on the face - Premature wrinkling of skin on face an elsewhere represents oldness and absence of wrinkling of skin represents Newness.

· Reduced Muscle Mass and weakening of muscle strength prematurely represents oldness while its preservation represents Newness.

· Osteoporosis and Osteoarthiritis – Prematurely represents oldness and preserving the bone, spine, and joint health represents Newness.

· Menopausal changes (hormonal changes) if occur prematurely represents oldness and maintaining its relation with the nature represents Newness.

· Enlargement of prostate prematurely also represents oldness while maintaining the integrity of prostate represents Newness.

· Rise in Blood Pressure prematurely represents oldness and maintaining normal blood pressures represents Newness.

· Rise in Blood Bad Cholesterol Levels prematurely also represents oldness while maintaining normal levels represents Newness.

· Rise in Blood Sugar prematurely also represents oldness while maintaining normal levels represents Newness.

· Immune Function, reduced immune functions represents oldness while preserving immunity is an expression of Newness.

· Altered Sleep patterns, especially sleeplessness and restlessness represents oldness and preservation of normal sleep pattern is Newness.

Psychological Newness

Reduction in Cognitive functions, forgetfulness, unnecessary anxiousness, unnecessary aggression, unnecessary hostility, negative imagination represents oldness with reduced Newness potentials. Psychological Newness refers to “how old we feel subjectively”. Some individuals feel 60 years old at the age of 40 and vice versa.

Emotional Newness

Reduction in positive emotions, emotional disintegration, emotional unstability represents premature oldness with reduced Newness potentials.

Biochemical Newness

Premature increased blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, dehydroepiandrosterone represents oldness with reduce Newness potential.

Environment Newness

Environment is our extended body. This can be an internal environment, what we call as microcosm and external environment what we call as macrocosm. The whole environment within us and outside us is changing with the rhythm of the nature.

Spiritual Newness

Soul and Spirit is the core of consciousness and has all the potentials of Newness. A seventy years old man can have Newness of 50 years of chronological Newness and 50 years old can have Newness of 70 years of age depending on the Newness potential in them. We can change our Newness potentials biology (biochemistry, physiology, immunology and circulation) by our own perceptions, thoughts and choices.

“Biological Newness from the level of consciousness is the main component of physical and psychological Newness”.

Attitude to Gratitude, quite attitude of mind, tranquility, meditation, calmness, peace, harmony, regular exercise, yoga, nurshing diet and thought management has a huge impact on newness potential.

24 points programme to enhance newness in us.

1. Exercise regularly for 30 minutes daily.

2. Nurture yourself with Positive Emotions.

3. Meditation daily.

4. Be Flexible

5. Learn time management

6. Perfect diet: Consume sattvic diet more often

7. Perfect Sleep for 6-8 hours.

8. Practice Laughter therapy everyday.

9. Enhance Awareness of newness in you

10. Avoid Poisons such as Tobacco of excess of alcohol

11. Social support is need of the hour.

12. Financial support

13. Have daily perfect routine

14. Plan your daily routine to remain occupied.

15. Body Massage for 10-15 minutes on daily basis

16. Enhance perfect relationships

17. Be a Perfect Choice Maker

18. Never be egoistic

19. Don’t be arrogant

20. Take vitamins, Minerals and immunebooster daily

21. Optimize your blood chemistry by consulting your doctor in a protocolized manner.

22. Hydration: adequate water intake

23. Enhance your Will Power

24. Practice all eight limbs of Yoga including Yama, (do and don’ts),

Niyama (Self discipline), Asana (Postures), Pranayam (Breathing Exercise), Pratihara (Contemplation), Dharna (Concentration) Dhyana (Meditation), Samadhi (Transcendence

Perfect lifestyle and spirituality influences psychological Newness and psychological Newness influences biological Newness and biological Newness influences chronological Newness.

We can sustain our youth and revive our newness potential by our own choice and grow younger and live longer.

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