“A to Z of Empathy”, Book Authored By Dr Samir Parikh and Colleagues

Today, the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare launched ‘A to Z of Empathy’, a book authored by Dr Samir Parikh, Director of the department with Kamna Chhibber, Divya Jain and Mimansa Singh.

In recent times instances of anger, aggression, hostility and unkindness have increased multi-fold highlighting the need for empathy in society. Written in a simple, easy to understand language, ‘A to Z of Empathy’ provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the 26 aspects that comprise it. 

The book reminds us of the ways in which we can enhance human connect, the power of engagement and the pivotal role empathy plays in helping people understand the emotional experiences of others in their lives.

 A book which will prove to be beneficial for both adults and children, it emphasises on the skills that enable people to put themselves in the shoes of those they are communicating with and understand the experiences they are having. It highlights the role of having openness, being a listener, showing sensitivity, creating space for others’ experiences, recognizing their skills and strengths, being supportive, available and inclusive. All in all, it takes feeling for others to the level of feeling with them – which helps in enhancing their well-being.

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