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People who have suffered major adversity or more so trauma in their lives commonly do experience emotional pain and stress.

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In conversation with Asha Pillai, CFO, Shell’s Hazira Group of Companies and Chairperson of CII’s Indian Women’s Network, Gujarat

My peers, managers, teams, and mentors have been a crucial part of the eco-system that has helped me thrive.

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In conversation with Rohit Shah, Co-Founder & CEO, Hemp Horizons

The company is also procuring raw materials needed to produce hemp goods. Hemp Horizons began researching Ayurveda to convince authorities about hemps benefits.

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Photosynthesis is only long term solution of the Air Pollution : Peepal Baba

Peepal Baba said photosynthesis is important for pollution free environment in PR Society Delhi Chapter conference.

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Tips to make the right decision for IVF treatment

IVF is one of the most commonly used assisted reproductive technique.

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Nurturing performance and productivity through a conducive work environment

When employees are recognized, rewarded, and valued for their efforts and contribution to the company, they are consistently motivated and committed to work to their best potential.

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Technology driving women health in 2021

Every day, 830 women die from complications resulting from pregnancy or childbirth (based on 2015 data).

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Respond, Not React: Sadhguru’s New Year Message For Covid-Hit World

The year 2020 will inevitably leave an indelible mark upon this generation for its ability to turn life upside down for all.

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In conversation with ModMonk Anshul, Founder SoulSchool Business Psychologist, Spiritual Coach and Mystic

I believe that the way our working styles are and will continue in the coming years will affect the way we perceive, understand and analyze things and situations.

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In conversation with Nitin Bindlish, CEO, Mom’s Belief

We take pride in ourselves for identifying a problem and delivering a set of carefully curated programs that work on solving this problem.

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Peculiar PICA

The word “pica” comes from the Latin word for magpie, a bird known for its large and indiscriminate appetite of ingesting random items. ...

Tips on how to set and achieve fitness goals in 2021

While being practical with goals helps staying motivated, knowing yourself and achieving realistic targets directly boosts your self confidence....

Coping with the overwhelming stress caused by the work from home model for employees as well as business leaders

According to a YourDOST study, 58% of Indian working professionals report a significant rise in their stress levels during the pandemic due to a loss ...

Mental Health and the Road to Recovery

The anxiety of COVID itself is magnified for some depending on their circumstances. Some find themselves very isolated and lonely, while others are tr...

Is our struggle inevitable?

Most of us are deeply conditioned by the idea of struggle as a way of life. In fact, we are taught from childhood that only through struggle can one s...

How sportsmanship qualities can help build resilience and provide motivation to face any adversity

Often, when reading about highly motivational stories of grit and succeeding in the face of adversity, we come across stories of sportsmen who display...

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